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Last Ride check out the undertakers matches

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Q: What is finishing move elevated powerbomb?
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What is the finishing move of Kevin Nash?

Kevin Nash's main finisher is the Jackknife Powerbomb.

What is a batista bomb?

A batista bomb is a move in professional wrestling similar to a powerbomb.

What was Jake the Snake Roberts finishing move?

His finishing move was the DDT !

What randy orton finishing move?

Randy Orton finishing move is the RKO.

How do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling 2?

how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling

What is the wrestling move where you grab them around the waist and flip them upside down?

the sunset flip powerbomb

What is Wade Barret's finishing move called?

Wade Barrett's finishing move is called the Wasteland

What is manu's finishing move?

lights out

What is edge finishing move?

Edge's Finishing move is called Edgecation. It is a mix between a facing bulldog and a ddt. Hope this helps!

What diva finishing move is the widows peck?

The Widows Peak was Victoria's finishing move. Victoria is now known as "Tara" in TNA.

What is the WWE diva Natalya's finisher?

Natalya's finishing moves areGerman suplexNattie by Nature (Spinning powerbomb)SharpshooterHer signature moves areDiscus clotheslineMichinoku driver IIRear naked chokeSnap suplexSurfboard

How do you do a finishing move on smackdownvsraw2008?

Press triangle

Rey mysterio's finishing move?


What is Kelly Kelly's finishing move?


What is randy orton finishing move?


What is Melina's finishing move?

California Dream (Muta Lock)Extreme Makeover (Springboard, diving, or a charging 180º spinning facebuster)[2]Primal Scream (Inverted leg drop bulldog into a split-legged pin)[89]Last Call (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb

What is Shawn michaels finishing move?

Shawn Michaels' finishing move is Sweet Chin Music, a superkick with theatrics often followed by a pin.

What is the name of Triple H finishing move?

The Pedigree..

What is Dolph Ziggler's finishing move?

the zig zag

What was bob backlunds finishing move?

the chicken wing

What is scot halls finishing move?

the razors edge

What is WWE christians finishing move?


What is Kofi Kingstons Finishing MOVE?

Trouble in paradise

What is Eddie Guerreros finishing move?

Frog Splash

What is Bret the hitman harts finishing move?