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What is function in Java Script?

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function in the scripting language can give an attribute to something to make it preform a task that you want it to handle.

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Why java applet is executed faster than java script?

The java applet is in the java language and is run local to your computer, java script is in the language java script, this can be run local to server or computer. Java and java script are to different languages that run two different ways.

How do you use settime out in php?

we cant use set timeout function in php because it is of java script function

Is Java script needed for Poptropica?

No, Java script is not needed to play poptropica.

How do you perform the calculation by java script?

You can perform calculation by simple operators. You have to do all of that by defining a function().

Difference between java script and java server page?

JSP is a Java-based technology used specifically in order to help software developers create dynamic web pages; Java-Script is based on Java, but was created in order to allow non-programmers the ability to work with it easily.JSP must be compiled in Java byte-code in order to function properly; Java-Script is a Java language of a different dialect, and does not need to be directly translated into byte-code

Advantage and disadvantage of java script?

Two advantages of java script is the speed and simplicity. Two disadvantages of java script is the security issues and reliance on the end user.

How to implement java script in java?

to implement javascript embed the statements between <script> n </script>,,, and include any scripting language. eg:<script LANGUAGE="javascript"> block of codes </script>

Does java script coding mean using it for Java programs only?

Java script coding is computer coding, many things require Java, and you need to have Java enabled to view these types of programs.

Which script based on sound?

Java script is based on sound.

Does iPod touches have java script?

they have java< javascript and flash

How do you validate a number in java script?

We can validate a number by using isNaN() function in javascript, if this function returns false the given value is a number otherwise its not a number.

Where is the best place to download java script free?

Java script is the name of a computer language. The Java website, http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp, is the best place to download Java software.

Why do you need java script to run internet content?

Most websites in present day heavily depend on Java Script and AJAX.

Is HTML and java script the same?

Nope. Not the way I look at it. I would have used java script in web design for some graphic work but java is the king and I also heard that java script really is not all the same now days. But I would say "NO" anyhow. Cheers linny

How do you write Hello World in an alert box in java script?

<script> alert("Hello World"); </script>

What is java and java script?

Java is an object oriented language whereas Javascript is object base language.

Which language should you start first from java and java script?

Easy and simple . Java first , then javascript.

Distingush between java and java script?

Java is a programming language that is compiled into an intermediate language called byte code. In contrast, Java Script which resembles C++ more than Java, and was named after Java due to Java's popularity, is rendered by an internet browser's engine.

How can we use script tag in java?

You can't.The tag is part of HTML, and is used to include Javascript in a webpage. Java is not related to Javascript.

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