What is gastric acid determination?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Gastric acid determination, also known as stomach acid determination, gastric analysis, or basal gastric secretion, is a procedure to evaluate gastric (stomach) function. The test specifically determines the presence of gastric acid, as well.

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Q: What is gastric acid determination?
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What is the purpose of a gastric acid determination?

The purpose of the gastric acid determination is to evaluate gastric function by measuring the amount of acid as suctioned directly from the stomach. The complete gastric acid determination includes the basal gastric secretion test.

How is a gastric acid determination done?

This test, whether performed for basal gastric acid secretion, gastric acid stimulation, or both, requires the passage of a lubricated rubber tube, either by mouth or through the nasal passage, while the patient is in a sitting or.

What precautions need to be taken when doing a gastric acid determination?

Because both the basal gastric secretion test and the gastric acid stimulation test require insertion of a gastric tube (intubation) through the mouth or nasal passage, neither test is recommended for patients with esophageal.

What characteristics does an abnormal gastric acid determination have?

Abnormal findings in the basal gastric secretion test are considered nonspecific and must be evaluated in conjunction with the results of a gastric acid stimulation test. Elevated secretion may suggest different types of ulcers.

Is gastric acid the secretions in the gastric juice produced by the stomach?

Gastric acid is part of the "juices" produced by the stomach.

Is stomach acid and gastric acid the same?

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is one of the component of gastric acid (also called gastric juice). Other components include electrolytes and enzymes. So no, hydrochloric acid is NOT the same thing as gastric acid

What is the acid in the stomach?

Gastric acid.

Can calcium hydroxide and gastric acid be reversed?

calcium hydroxide and gastric acid can they be reversed?

What characteristics does a normal gastric acid determination have?

Reference values for the basal gastric secretion test vary by laboratory, but are usually within the following ranges: men: 1-5 mEq/h, women: 0.2-3.8 mEq/h.

Is Gastric Fluid an acid or base?


What acid is found in gastric?

hydrochloric acid

An example of a gastric secretion is?

HCl (gastric acid), pepsinogen.