What is gender sensitivity?

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2008-10-05 12:28:27

English is a naturally sexist language. Words like Chairman,

manhole, waiter etc. The Chairman is now known as Chairperson so

not to offend a lady who might actually be in charge. So, to use a

word like Chairperson instead of Chairman is to be sensitive to the

other sex: ie Gender Sensitive.

It goes further, though; Gender Sensitive could also mean you

refrain from telling jokes at the expense of the the opposite

gender. If you had to say: "Women need men like goldfish need

electric guitars," that would be offensive to a man and thus you

would not be gender sensitive.

It really is easy to answer a question like this. All you need

to do is think of the words "gender" and "sensitive" and decide

what each word means and you will get to the answer. You just need

to learn to think things through.

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