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Dogs normally drink water, but puppies drink milktoo.

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Q: What is good for dogs to drink apart from tea?
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What is good for dogs to drink?

it is good for dogs to drink water like tap water or fresh water are good, they can drink chicken broth, if you give your dog tea, give him herbal tea without caffeine,and unsweetened green tea is great i have tried it on my dog so it should work for yours! hope i could help.

Do dogs like to drink tea?

No, sorry...

Can dogs drink anything else besides water?

yes puppies can drink milk dogs also drink tea! from, katerinne newtest3

Is it good to drink tea after eating?

It is good because tea has vitamins and is very healthy for you, in fact it is better to drink tea than to drink juice or water after you eat.

Why do women drink tea?

Women drink tea because it is both good for health and delicious! Men can drink tea for the same reasons.

What is a good morning drink?


Can dogs drink tea with artificial sweetners?

Physically they can drink anything. But if you're asking if a dog "likes" to drink to tea I wouldn't know. Yes they can, but it's not good for them. I own a Bichon Frise dog and it is said they love wine. Just for the heck of it my husband (he likes his glass a wine every day) let her have a wee sip. She loved it! She sat there begging for more, but of course we won't make that one a habit! LOL Dogs can drink tea, but they have trouble drinking it from those delicate china tea cups. No opposable thumbs, you know. Dogs can drink tea but dogs with allergies to caffeine could have serious health risks. Artificial sweeteners should not be given to dogs and the artificial sweetener, Xylitol, that is found in gum and candy can kill dogs. No, dogs can no drink tea because it contains caffeine, theobromine, or theophylline, which can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous DONT....even without sugar....DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR DOG

Is it good to drink water after tea?


Should kids drink tea?

tea is good for you so why not but it is not so good if you have oodles of sugar.

Can dogs drink tea?

Some dogs seem to enjoy it, once it has cooled down, especially if it has milk in it. You shouldn't give the dog caffeinated tea though.

Is green tea important to drink?

green tea is very good for you so you should try and drink it a lot

Is iced tea good for dogs?

Iced tea is a diuretic, and can cause dehydration in humans and animals. There isn't anything in ordinary iced tea that will harm a dog is it gets into some by accident. However, it is best to give dogs water and not encourage them to drink "people" drinks like coffee, tea, and chocolate milk.

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