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Granular or dry fertilizer is a type of fertilizer which comes in a dry pelleted form, as opposed to spikes, a liquid, or powder. Most garden stores carry several different types of granular fertilizer, along with an array of formulations which are designed to address specific soil conditions. This type of fertilizer has both advantages and disadvantages which gardeners have to consider before use.

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Q: What is granular garden fertilizer?
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What is the density of granular fertilizer?

It depends on the type and composition of the fertilizer.

What is a sentence for granular?

A sign of underlying kidney disease is granular casts. According to package instructions you must use a complete granular rose fertilizer.

Can you safely store bags of granular fertilizer in a storage container?


How much does 1 quart of granular fertilizer weight?

Approximately four pounds

Can garden fertilizer kill cats?

Yes, garden fertilizer can kill cats. Don't let your cat outside after using fertilizer.

Is producing fertilizer a base or acid?

If you mean bagged, granular fertilizer, like that sold for garden and lawn use, it tends to be slightly acidic. Use of fertilizers, as in farm soil, over a period of years definitely increases the acidity of the soil, which is why farmers add lime every few years.

How do fertilizer plants prepare Granular Urea?

Taking a 50000 tons urea fertilizer plant as an example, the process of making granular urea fertilizer as follows: materials batching, raw materials mixing, materials crushing, granulation by pan granulator, urea granules drying, cooling, granular urea screening, packaging etc. the whole process includes at least eight fertilizer machines to work together. Of course, your fertilizer yearly yield depends on the number of fertilizer machines. At the same, you should consider the raw materials of urea fertilizer and urea shape. This is a video shows the whole process of making fertilizer in fertilizer plant.

What can garden waste be recycled into?

garden can be recycled into fertilizer

Is there any specific way to lay down fertilizer in a home garden?

You definately want to spread the fertilizer evenly throughout the garden.

How do you use Fertilizer in a sentence?

She spread the fertilizer over her vegtable garden to make the ground fertile.

What acidic element is in garden fertilizer?

Phosphorus is an acid-forming element that is in garden fertilizer.Specifically, phosphorus is a major nutrient ingredient in garden fertilizer. It can be broken down into phosphoric acid. Garden fertilizer also contains nitrogen and potassium as its other two main nutrient ingredients. Potassium is an alkaline-forming element.

What is the designation of complete fertilizer used in granular?

NPK is the designation of the complete granular fertilizer.Specifically, a complete fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as its three main nutrient ingredients. An incomplete fertilizer lacks one or two of the main ingredients. The letters NPK represent the respective symbols for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The numbers tell the percentage weight of each nutrient, as in 15-15-15.