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What is habitat of a species?

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How do a species habitat differs from a niche?

A species habitat is the environment that species is generally found. The species niche is how that species plays a role in it's environment.

What is the variety of species in a habitat called?

a variety of species sharing the same habitat is called a eco-system

Explain the relationship between habitat size and species diversity?

Generally as you increase area you will find more species. So a large habitat will have higher species diversity than a smaller habitat.

What may happen to a species if it loses its habitat?

If that species cannot adapt to another habitat, or chooses not to, that species may very well become extinct.

Where is a reptiles habitat?

A reptile's habitat depends entirely on the species of reptile.

Where do all members of a species live?

Members of a species are said to live in the habitat of that species.

The place where a species lives is its?


What a species does in its habitat to survive?


What is the natural habitat of the monkey?

The natural habitat of most species of monkeys is the jungle or rainforests. Most species of monkeys live in trees.

Does each species in the same habitat have exactly the same niche?

No. Every species, even if they are in the same habitat, they all have different niches.

What is The first species to colonize a new habitat called?

Pioneer species

What causes species extinction?

Habitat fragmentation, habitat destruction, poaching etc

What is the specific physical location in which a given species lives called?


Will an introduced species that is invasive increase in a habitat indefinitely?

Yes it will increase in a habitat.

What if the same species live in the same habitat?

Individuals of the same species always live in the same habitat. If they start to preferentially live in different habitats then you have the beginnings of separate species.

What are two ways that the right habitat helps a species?

The right habitat provides adequate food for the species, and adequate shelter from predators and weather.

What is meant by competition in a habitat?

competition; is the struggle between species for the limited resources in a habitat.

Why does a lion live in a habitat?

Everything lives in a habitat. A habitat is another word for the homeland in which a species live, for example your habitat is your house and the area you live in.

The functional role of a species in its community is its?


What is the area where a species lives and can thrive?


Why does habitat fragmentation threaten the survival of species?


Populations of all species are limited by?


What habitat do you find the most species?

in the jungle

What is loss of natural habitat?

Habitat destruction is the way in which a natural habitat is rendered functionally unable to support the species present.

How an animal or plant species changes over time in oder to survive in its habitat?

Adaptation is the process by which a species changes over time to survive in its habitat.