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What is hail made of?

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== == Water Crystals and Ice

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What is hail made up of?

Hail is made up of round chunks of ice called hailstones

Is there hail in space?

Technically, no. Hail is little ice balls, made in Earth's Atmosphere. However, a comet is made of ice, and may turn into "hail" if crushed.

What is correct about hail?

Hail is made up of frozen pellets of rain that is made in cumulonimbus clouds. Hail is frozen water crystals that fall from the sky. Hail can range in size from an eighth of an inch to the size of a grapefruit.

Is hail solid liquid or gas?

hail is made up of pieces of ice, the solid state of water. So hail is solid.

Is hail made out of ice?


Is hail made of ice crystals?

Yes. Hail is composed of ice and ice is a crystalline solid.

How is Hail made?

Hail is a solid form of precipitation which consists of lumps of ice that are individually called hailstones.

What is precipitation made of layers of ice?

The answer is hail

How are snow and hail the same?

They both are made of a liquid

What are rain snow sleet and hail made of?

Rain is liquid water that falls from the sky. Snow, sleet, and hail are ice.

Does hail go through the melting or sublimation stage?

Melting. Hail is made from water, and water must go under extreme conditions to sublimate. Instead, hail simply melts like ice.

Is hail made of snow ice liquid water?

it is made of frozen water which is ice :P

What were the relationships between SS and victims?

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How are hailstorms and floods alike?

Hail is made out of water, and floods are water!

Is hail made out of snow ice or liquid water?

liquid water

Is it safe for a 10 year old to eat hail?

Technically hail is edible as it is just made of water but it is not advisable to eat as it might contain pollutants from the air or contaminants from the ground.

When was Hail Hail the Celts Are Here created?

Hail Hail the Celts Are Here was created in 1961.

What is the word 'hail' when translated from English to Japanese?

Hail can have many meanings, such as "hailing" a taxi, "hail" that falls from the sky, "hail" as in "greet," etc. Though I'm not sure which context you're referring to, the hail that falls from the sky is 'arare.' "Hail" as in "Hail to the king!" is 'banzai.' "Hail" as in "greet" can be 'aisatsu suru.'

What did they use to measure hail before golf balls were made?

Brussel sprouts.

Why was the sphinx constructed?

It was made to hail the god of the cats. I dont remember her/his name.

What is wet hail?

Wet hail is hail that has a coating of liquid water on it.

Collective noun for hail?

There is no standard collective noun used to group hail.The noun hail is a standardized collective noun for:a hail of bulletsa hail of insults.

How much hail does hail alley get in a year?

"Hail alley," averages seven to nine hail days per year.

Do thunderstorms have hail?

Hail is a product of thunderstorms, but ost thunderstorms to not produce hail.

Can you stop hail?

no you can not stop hail