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Halal chicken means the chicken which has been ritually slaughtered and has no additives in it which are Haram.

Animals killed halal (according to Islamic law) cannot be stunned before their throats are cut, which means that many animals-including the cow shown in this video-fight and gasp for their last breath, struggling to stand while the blood drains from their necks.

Google - PETA The Cruelty Behind Muslim Ritual Slaughter

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Q: What is halal chicken?
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Is the chicken of Andok's are halal?

Is the chicken of andoks are halal?

Is chicken of monginis halal?

The chicken of monginis is haram or halal I need the confirmation plz answer..

Is chicken broth halal?

Yes if the chicken is slaughtered islamicly then broth is halal. if the chicken isnt then No it is haram.

Is KFC chicken halal?

It is halal. I saw the Halal cert in the shop.

Is kfc chicken halal in dehradun India?

i am asking kfc worker chicken is halal or haram worker answer me chicken is halal. before eating a kfc chicken you should must enquiry then eating.

Is KFC chicken halal meat in the Philippines?

If chicken was used by Filipino Royal Chef is halal, Insha Allah! If chicken was used by Filipino Royal Chef is non-halal, Naโ€™uzubillah!

Is nandos luton halal?

Only the chicken is halal.

Is godrej real good chicken halal?

Godrej real good chicken is 100% Halal with members from the halal committee supervising the slaughtering process and the halal certificate is issued accordingly by the committee

Is the chicken in KFC at Janakpuri District Centre halal Can Muslim eat it?

If its halal than no problem. Just we have to verify it. Most ofly the chicken at kfc's is halal

Is the meat provided in KFC chicken center in chennai halal?

They are not serving 100% Halal meat. To avail halal certification they devised a plan to slaughter few chicken and obtain a certificate but most of their chicken are cut by machine and not in a halal way.

What does amir khan eat?

he eat halal chicken halal meat

Is McDonald's halal meat in the Philippines?

Mcdonalds' and Jolibee's chicken supplier is Bounty Fresh Chicken which is certified halal products.

Is jerk chicken halal?

MR SPICY® 100% Halal Jerk Chicken Follow on Twitter @mrspicy1

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

In general, KFC's chicken is not Halal. However, depending on your location in the world, some KFC's have been known to cater for the local Islamic population by ensuring the chicken sold in that individual KFC is Halal.Normally though, the KFC would advertise if their chicken was Halal.

Is a chicken egg halal?


Is house of Raeford chicken halal?


What chicken brands are halal?

none of them

Is veal halal?

it is halal Such as sheep, cattle, chicken, ostrich feather,Duck, Goose and ...

Do koch food produce hallal chicken?

halal chicken ,is chicken been raised fed sloughter according to islamic food law,if all these requirment met then it is halal onl.

Is chicken broth?

Yes if the chicken is slaughtered islamicly then broth is halal. if the chicken isnt then No it is haram.

Is organic chicken for Islam halal to eat?

The chicken being organic says nothing about whether it is halal or haram, because being organic says nothing about the method of slaughter used. You can have halal organic chicken, but if the label does not say anything, it would be implicitly haram.

Is KFC chicken halal in Ranchi in India?


Is KFC chicken Halal in UAE?

Yes it is

Is doux chicken halal?

no becouse it killed

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken halal in Pune?

I don't think so.