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What is half woman half eagle called?


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A harpy was a rapacious monster in Greek and Roman mythology which had the head and body of a woman and wings and talons, or was a bird of prey with a woman's face.


It is actually unknown. A *Harpy* is a wierd greek and roman creature, yes, but a half-woman half-eagle is not a Harpy. Or at least not the Greek and Roman Harpy. There is another spelling of Harpy. It is: *Harpie*This is most likely the most logical answer for the question. Since it is not actually a defined word (Harpy= greek and roman), we can create or mold this word into a new definition :D*Harpie*: A half-female half-bird creature. Can be any type of bird, but most common is an eagle. Any other type of bird mix is extremely rare. Human female body, except for the wings, elf like ears, black eyes, claws, eagle like feet (claw in the heel, 2 "toe like" things with claws), and fangs. There is a very close picture of this Harpie or half-eagle half-woman. It is picture is called "Tug-A-War"It is in the "Graphites" section.