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I have both the Certified Internal Auditor and the Certified Public Accountant designation. I found the CPA exam much more difficult than the CIA exam. Just have a look through the study material for each of these exams and it will be apparent enough to you. The subject matter convered on the CPA exam, particularly as it relates to financial reporting and governmental accounting, is very difficult. The simulation questions on the CPA exam can be very complex, particularly as they relate to Taxation.

I also have the CFE designation. That exam is ridiculously easy, on a high school level, really. The ACFE should make it more rigorous to maintain the significance of the designation. I figure that the ACFE is still trying to grow their membership and must make the exam easy for now, but that should change with time. If you are looking for a rudimentary test that will require no more than 50 hours of your time in test preparation, go for the CFE.

Also, let's be real here. Being a CIA (what's that?) is okay, but it is no where close to being a CPA in terms of meaning, prestige, and pay. What is the first question that comes out of someone's mouth when you tell them you are an accountant or an auditor? "Are you a CPA?" NOT "are you a CIA?" Sorry, fellow CIA's, but few people care that we are CIA's, even in the world of internal audit. Hiring managers care greatly if you are a CPA. I had my CIA designation before my CPA license, and I found myself constantly explaining to people what "CIA" stands for. Don't get me wrong. It is a fine designation. For now, though, it is relatively unknown, and is inferior to being a CPA. In the world of accounting and finance professionals, you are relegated to second class status for not being a CPA, sort of a "Oh, you couldn't hack the CPA route, huh?" Like that.

I was a "C" accounting student some 30 years ago, and I was able recently to pass the CPA exam on first attempt by studying 250 hours per exam section. I used Gleim. It's cheap and easy to use. That's right, a total of 1,000 study hours, repetitively answering software questions over and over until getting a 90% or better on a 50-question practice test for each section. If you do that, you will pass each section of the CPA exam on first attempt. If you are not scoring at least 90% on the practice tests, don't bother taking the exam, as you probably won't pass.

Do yourself a HUGE favor. I've hired hundreds of audit professionals over the past 25 years. Skip the CIA and save your time, energy and money for the CPA exam. The CPA designation is instantly identified as "the best." It is a highly passable exam if you put the study time into it.

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What are the educational requirements for professional accountants?

Professional accounting positions that require at least an undergraduate college degree and certification are certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant, certified internal auditor, and the certified government financial manager.

What certifications are accepted for the Professional Recognition Credit for Part IV of the US certified internal auditor exam?

an individual who is a certified public accountant, certified management accountant, certified information systems auditor, or certified bank auditor is eligible to receive Professional Recognition Credit for Part IV of the CIA examination.

What is the difference between CIA and CPA?

CIA stands for Certified Internal Auditor while CPA stannds for Certified Publlic Accountant. CIAs tend to work as internal auditors (surprise) while CPAs tend to work as accountants and external auditors.

What is a certified internal auditor?

A certified internal auditor is an internal auditor who has passed a specific test that proves their quality and understanding of the work they do. Internal auditors who want to advance their careers to the next level should consider taking the certification exam to become a certified internal auditor. General Job Description Internal auditors are quality control managers. They can work as staff members for companies or they can be called in on an as-needed basis. Their job is to analyze the productivity and financial organization of a business and report their findings to upper management. A certified internal auditor considers every aspect of an organization’s production and bookkeeping methods and creates a consolidated outline of how the operations are really being handled. They also provide suggestions for areas that could use improvement. Internal auditors are the best defense against poor performance or low quality goods and services. Education and Training Requirements The education required to become an internal auditor depends somewhat on what area of business the auditor intends to work in. Most auditors study economics and finance at a four-year college or university before they go into audit work. This prepares them for the in-depth financial analysis work that they will probably end up doing as a major part of their job. To become a certified internal auditor, you need to successfully pass a specific certification exam. You can find training for the exam through vocational schools and community colleges nationwide. There are also online based programs that will prepare you for the certified internal auditor exam. Typical Salary The salaries for certified internal auditors have been rising sharply in recent years. Individuals who pass the certification exam can expect to earn up to $100,000 annually. That figure can rise depending on the field that the auditor works in. Technology auditing is growing substantially, which is driving up the salaries of certified internal auditors who are proficient in auditing technology based companies. Financial auditors are also enjoying a growing demand. Certified internal auditors who work for large corporations can expect to make as much as $200,000 on average, depending on their experience, certification level, and the type of auditing they perform.

Where can you find certified internal auditor books?

you can probably go to a library

What is considered the most well respected internal audit exam?

There is a great site that can tell you lots of information about the internal audit exam and how to prepare. You can visit this link: and is based on computer testing.

What services and products has the Institute of Internal Auditors developed to support membership needs?

These include the Control Self-Assessment Center, Certification in Control Self-Assessment, Certified Governmental Auditor Program, Board of Environmental Auditors Certification

Certified internal auditor book free?

Check in with your library to see if they have one to borrow.

What is a passing score on the certified internal auditor exam?

The passing score for the exam is 75 percent.

Is words auditor means internal auditor?

No. The word auditor doesn't only mean an internal auditor but also an external auditor. An auditor could be an internal or an external auditor. In most cases simply an auditor means an external auditor.

Difference between internal and external auditor?

An internal auditor is one who is on staff at a company or business. The auditor checks to make sure all monies are accounted for, that the company's books balance and that there are internal controls on spending. An external auditor is one that is not a company employee and usually is an accountant from an outside accounting firm that does almost the same job as internal auditors. The main difference is that as an outside company, it can be more objective on its findings.

What is the difference between an accountant and an auditor?

Basically, an accountant makes and keeps records and an auditor checks those records for accuracy.

Do you have to be a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors in order to take the certified internal auditor exam?

It is not necessary to be a member of the IIA in order to take the examination.

What is the certified internal auditor exam review?

Short notes, practical exercises. You should get one if you want to pass. Check this link

Another name for a beekeeper?

accountant; auditor;

How much experience is required to become a certified internal auditor?

In order to become a CIA, there is an experience requirement of twenty-four months of internal auditing or its equivalent.

How many people pass the certified internal auditor exam?

The average pass rate by exam part is 45 percent.

Is an auditor a lawyer or accountant'?

Most auditors are going to be auditing financials. That puts an accountant in a better place for being an auditor. For other audits it may not matter.

What has the author Robert M Atkisson written?

Robert M. Atkisson has written: 'Certified internal auditor examination' -- subject(s): Examinations, questions, Internal Auditing

What is an auditor?

An auditor is a professional that accumulates and evaluates evidence to report on the degree a company's assertions comply with an established set of procedures or standards (criteria). Use of the title certified public accountant (CPA) is regulated by state law and individuals using this designation must be licensed in the state they practice auditing. Each state has their own regulations for becoming a CPA. There are four primary types of auditors: certified public accounting firms, government accountability office auditors (GAO), internal auditors, and internal revenue agents.

What is the work of the auditor?

Basically, an auditor is a type of accountant and the main job of the auditor is verification of a company's financial records and stuff like that.

How can I get internal auditor training?

You must have a college degree in the appropriate field and then take a CPA certification. Training is available online, but the full course is not.

ISO 27001 certified companies in Indonesia?

Hi If you want to get ISO 27001 lead auditor certification i have one reference as i was looking to get ISO 27001 la certification and i found one online course from GSDC which is online and have good rating for their certification. This certification is accepted globally. As i want to know as this course is perfect for me or not So you can check their syllabus. As i am sharing link below: org/certified-iso-27001-lead-auditor

What is the difference between a diploma in accounting and a bachelor of accounting?

One of the differences is that a diploma in accounting from a certified institution will make you an "Assistant Accountant". Also you cannot be an auditor with a diploma. ~G

How many people are certified in internal auditor exam in Brazil?

1,500 professionals but the most this people you find in Deloitte in São Paulo Brazil