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What is hasta luego?

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"until later"

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How do you say I'll see you later in Spanish?

Hasta luego Hasta luego.

How do you reply to hasta luego in spanish?

You can say "Hasta luego" back to the person.

Difference between hasta luego and hasta la vista?

hasta luego- see you later hasta la vista- until I see you again

Another way to say hasta pronto?

hasta luego, 'ta luego, a despues, nos vemos

How do you respond to adios?

hasta luego

What is another word for hasta luego in spanish?

Hasta la vista. Hasta pronto

How do you spell see you soon in spanish?

Hasta pronto Hasta luego

What does hasta luega mean?

It is Hasta Luego it means See you later

How do we say see you later in spanish?

Hasta luego Hasta pronto

See you later on in spanish?

Hasta luego Hasta mas tarde

What does Hasta luego mean is English?

Hasta luego literally means "until later". It is similar to saying "See you later" in English.

What does hasta luego mean in spanish?

hasta luego means, so long but you can easily transfer it to see you later. . It literally means, "Until then."

How say goodbye in spanish 5 ways?

adios hasta luego hasta manana hasta lavista hasta pronto

How do you say in Spanish until later?

hasta más tarde hasta luego

What are 5 spanish words for goodbye?

adios hasta luego hasta pronto

What is hasta luego in spanish?

see you later

What is spanish for see you later?

¡Hasta luego

How do you respond to hasta luego?

How you respond is "ordle"

How do you respond to hasta luego in spanish?

You can use the same sentence "hasta luego" that means see your later or you can also say "adios" that means goodbye

What is goodbye in Spanish?

adiosIt is pronounced as 'adeeos' not 'adeyeos'.Adios~ Goodbye See you later~ Hasta luego See you next time~ Hasta la vista See you tomorrow~ hasta luego

What is four ways to say goodbye in spanish?

Hasta luego, Adiós, Hasta la vista, Hasta mañana.

What does hasta luego mean?

hasta luego means "see you later" in EnglishHasta Luego (the H is silent in spanish) is a way to say goodbye to a friend or acquaintance. It is an informal statement which literally means "until later." A close English equivalent is "so long."

What does hasta la wago mean?

it's Hasta means see you later

What does Muchas gracias para hoy Hasta luego means?

"Muchas gracias por hoy. Hasta luego" = Many thanks for today. See you later

What does see you later means.?

in spanish: hasta luego