What is high Anglicanism and low Anglicanism?

High Anglicanism is simply the Catholic Faith and tradition distilled by two thousand years exposure to the English people. It means one has a High View of the Church, ie, As the Body of Christ, or at Communion they hold to the Real Presence. For belief or faith a High Churchman holds to the Revelation of Christ, the Scriptures and the Seven Councils. Along with the 3 Creeds and apostolic succession in both Catholic Orders and Faith!

Low Anglicanism?

Owing to political pressure at the Reformation the Church was impelled by the state to give access to Protestants. This caused the Civil War eventually. Many left at the accession of William of Orange, but many held on watering down the faith and paying lip service to the teachings , while others followed the teaching of S. Paul and S.Augustine teaching an austere version of the ancient beliefs and eschewed ceremonial. There was very little we could do as Christians to combat these latter without following Rome's actions of the inquisition! Teaching was tried with some success, but those who were left were always a thorn in the side of the faithful.