What is illegal migration?

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An illegal immigrant is someone who, without permission, enters a country to live and work.

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Q: What is illegal migration?
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Human trafficking and illegal migration?

Answer the question for and also define. give me the categories causes and summary

What are some examples of illegal migration?

when you go to a different country, but you dont become a citizen of the country, but you live there anyways

Within the United States internal migration in the Latter part of the 20th century involved?

Within the United States, internal migration in the latter part of the 20th century involved movement to the western, southern, and southwestern parts of the United States. These areas offer milder climates, cheaper labor, less expensive land, and frequently little traffic congestion in the beginning of settlement. Many people and firms left the Northeast to move to these areas. Both legal and illegal migrations occur -- legal ones to Canada and illegal ones from Mexico. However, both are external migration, not internal migration. Internal migration occurs within a country, not from one country to another. Migration to Canada is not very large, although in the late 1960s and early 1970s it was significant for young men who did not want to fight in Vietnam. Illegal migration from Mexico is more significant.

Is Winged Migration a docudrama about the problem of illegal immigrants stowing away on commercial airliners?

No. Winged Migration, a Sony picture, is a documentary about the migratory pattern of birds. It was shot over 4 years and on all the 7 continents.

Different types of migration?

Seasonal migration, Forced migration, Remote migration, Labor migration, Side-by- side migration.

What is counter migration?

Counter migration- migration in the opposite direction. Counter Migration - forced migration of immigrants to return to their country of origion

Is therea statute of limitation on migration?

How would a statute of limitations apply to migration? The purpose of a limit is to prevent law suits being filed years after the fact. Migration deals with movement of individuals. If they break a law, then the statute of limitations would apply. And illegal immigrants can be arrested and deported at any time, there isn't a limit on time.

How many types of migration is there?

Depends on what you mean... but I'll try.There is migration, chain migration, forced migration, voluntary migration, net-in migration, net-out migration, immigration, emmigration, countermigration.These are Human Geographic terms by the way. That makes about 9 types of migration.

What is is a migration?

a migration of stingrays

When did Japanese migration to Australia?

The Japanese migrated to Australia in the 1880s and 1890s. Before 1866, it was illegal for Japanese people to leave Japan. It was considered a capital offense.

What is the difference between internal and external migration?

Internal migration is migration within a country. External or international migration is the migration across international borders from one country to another.

What is a stingrays migration?

a migration of stingrays

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