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What is illegal trafficking?

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Human trafficking is the crime of forcing a person to move to a different country and become a slave and or prostitute.

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What is gun trafficking?

Gun trafficking is the illegal business of supplying arms illegaly.

What is more profitbale than illegal drug trafficking?

Legal drug trafficking (Pharmaseutical Industry). Lol.

How is drug trafficking a crime?

Your assisting an illegal business.

What is drug trafficking?

It is the selling of illegal drugs to other people.

What is the term for selling children?

Illegal adoption or child trafficking.

What is the most profitable industry in the world legal or illegal?

illegal would probably be either the selling of illegal drugs, or human trafficking.

What is trafficking of illegal narcotics?

Trafficking means that you are transferring narcotics to another person or persons in some way or another. Or somewhere in that process.

What is the meaning of 'girls' trafficking'?

The illegal act of selling girls where they are compelled to act as a prostitutes is called girls trafficking.

When did drug trafficking start?

1914 when the Harrison Act made them illegal.

What are some proposed solutions to illegal drug trafficking?

Not doing drugs.

When was organ trafficking made illegal in the US?

It hasn't been made legal.

Why is human trafficking an illegal trade?

Human trafficking is illegal on many levels. It often deals with kidnapping, slavery, pornography, forcing adults and children into prostitution, drugs, firearms, and crossing national borders without documentation.

How do you use trafficking in a sentence?

To traffic means to carry on trade or commercial dealings, and it usually carries an illegal connotation: The college student was arrested for drug trafficking.

What is the difference between charges for drug trafficking and for interstate drug trafficking?

Drug "trafficking" means that you are charged as a "commercial-style distributor"; that is, you deal in amounts greater than that for personal use. "Interstate drug trafficking" means that you are charged as a drug dealer who transports illegal drugs from state to state.

Human trafficking and illegal migration?

Answer the question for and also define. give me the categories causes and summary

What was the impact of prohibition?

Prohibition created a vast illegal market for the production, trafficking and sale of alcohol.

Is child trafficking legal?

Absolutely not. Not only is it illegal, its immoral and carries a hefty prison sentence

Is human trafficking illegal everywhere?

yes, i dont know why you'd want to traffic humans.

What is your stand regarding the activities of drug pushers?

WikiAnswers is against all illegal drug trafficking.

What problems does Paraguay face in trying to develop its economy?

Exporting and trafficking drugs are illegal in most countries.

Why is Human Smuggling Illegal?

Human smuggling is illegal because of the health risks, economic cost of aliens, and the common drug trafficking practices involved in transportation.

How can you reduce trafficking in Cambodia?

Any illegal trafficking in drugs humans or other thing can only be done by giving people another way of making a living. or by drying out the need for the material or service.

What are many benefits of human trafficking?

There are no benefits to human trafficking. Human trafficing is a crime and is illegal in all parts of the world. It is most commonly done for the purpose of forced labor and sexual trade.

What is the solution to illegal animal trafficking?

The root cause of animal trafficking is the demand for them. People try to sell the animals to the one who pays a hefty amount. The one who does trafficking, does only for money. So no use in teaching him a lesson. But, if we teach a hard lesson to the person who is very much in need for the rare species, we can certainly stop animal trafficking.

Who is included in blood diamonds?

Since this is an illegal, underground activity, it is difficult to say who is included in trafficking in blood diamonds.