Sony Playstation 3

What is in a ps3?

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The PS3(Play Station 3) is a gaming system introdced in November 17, 2006 by Sony Entertainment System

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PS3 vs xbox360?


Which is a better game consule Xbox 360 or PS3?

ps3 ps3 ps3

Which lasts longer PS3 or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Can xboxgames play in PS3?

a PS3 can Play PS3 Games

Which PS3 console is better?

ps3 or? :] If your deciding between the ps3 or ps2 I say ps2! and i say ps3(:

Can the PS3 slim controllers work with the PS3 slim?

can the PS3 slim controllers work with PS3 fat

Can you download US PS3 game to an Japanese PS3?

I dont know if you could DOWNLOAD US ps3 games to a japanese ps3, but you CAN play US ps3 disk games on a japanese ps3.

Is a PS3 controller compatible to ps2?

it is not compatible but since ps3 is out get ps3 (;

What are the problems of a PS3?

i cant seem to connect my ps3 mic to my ps3?

Which PS3 or xbox360?

PS3 dont even think about it PS3 is the bast

Which better Xbox or PS3?

ps3 becuse ps3 has better graphics

Where do you get PS3 from on petville?

ps3? I don't think you can get that at ALL no ps3 on petville!

Which is better PS3 40gb or PS3 80gb?

ps3 80 gb.

Which is better a PS3 or an xbox360?

Ps3 is definetly the better buby ps3 for functions and gameplay and ps3 for better graphics

How do you connect a PS3 remote to another PS3?

turn on a ps3 then turn on a controller, any ps3, any controller.

Can a PS3 game go in a ps2?

well it can go in but its not coming out the ps2 does not have enough power to play ps3 games if you want some ps3 games you have to get a ps3 if you do get a ps3 get a used 60 gb ps3 that way you can play ps2 games of ps3

Can you play PS3 slim video games on the old PS3?

There are no PS3 slim video games only PS3 and PS3 Move video games. All PS3 models can play any PS3 games with updates and optional Move Bundles

Whats better PS3 or xbox 360?

some people like ps3 and some people like ps3 i prefer ps3 for it better range of games and ps3 has free internet. Ps3, end of story!

Can you acess your PS3 account from another PS3?

It is not a PS3 account it is a Playstation Network account and you can access it from any PS3 that you are a user on

Can you play the beatles rock band on the PS3 with a PS3 controller?

u can play it on ps3 but you can't use the ps3 controller

Can you put a PS3 racing wheel in a xbox?

PS3 accessories are only for the PS3 not for Xbox.. Xbox and PS3 are Different consoles

Can a PS3 game work on a PS3 slim?

Yes the PS3 slim is just the newest model of the PS3 or the 4th Generation of PS3 models and can play all the PS1 and PS3 games. The ability to play PS2 games was already lost on earlier PS3 models known as the 3rd generation PS3 models

Can you use a PS3 rock band mic for a PS3?

Yes as you said it is for the PS3

Your PS3 wont play PS3 games so what wrong?

your ps3 is broken

Can ps2 games be downloaded to PS3?

no you can download just ps3 games on you ps3