What is indicated by the color pink?

Answer #1

The color pink indicates the sweetness of girls.

Answer #2

The color pink is an alkaline indicator. For example, the soil test colors pink when the pH reads within the alkaline range, at 7+. So hydrangeas bloom pink in alkaline soils, and blue in acidic.

It also may be an indicator of the presence of backyard birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The three welcome forms of backward wildlife favor certain colors over others. For example, all three are attracted to pink, red and white colored ornamentals.

And it may be an indicator of an open mind, change in fashion, and adventurous spirit. Traditionally, there are colors that we mortals are told favor us more or less in terms of hair and skin color. Fortunately, that's changing. For example, at one time, redheads weren't supposed to wear pink!