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Currently there is no Coronado Hotel in Chicago. There is, however, a Coronado Theatre in Rockford, IL. ------------------------------------------- The Coronado Hotel in Chicago was built around 1927. The address was 1061 Rosemont Ave, which at that time was sitting near the beach at Kenmore and Rosemont, before landfill was added to advance Lake Shore Drive up through that neighborhood and pushed that intersection further from the lakefront. There was a brief bribe scandal in 1930, with a suit brought that the architects (Roy F. France company) of the Coronado Hotel had been subject to graft and bribes by the Chicago Building Commissioner, Christian Passion. The Hotel had apartments which people rented to live in, and was still around in 1964 when a friend of Jack Ruby's who had an apartment at the hotel was questioned by the FBI. Hope that helps!

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Q: What is information on the Coronado Hotel of Chicago?
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