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What is input design and output design in system design?


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August 19, 2010 5:21AM

Input design

Input facilities the entry of data into the computer system. Input design involves the selection of the best strategy for getting data into the computer system at the right time and as accurately as possible. This is because the most difficult aspect of input design in accuracy .The use of well-defined documents can encourage users to record data accurately without omission.

For example, if a customer's telephone number is a needed input data, the slaes order form should have a specific line that is clearly labeled "customer telephone number". Having several lines labeled "customer information" would be less effective. This is because sometimes only the name and address would be filled in leaving out the telephone number.

Input design must capture all the data that the system needs, without introducing any errors. Input errors can be greatly reduced when inputting directly by using appropriate forms for data capture and well designed computer screen layout.