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By definition, a voltmeter.

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Q: What is instrument specially designed to measure voltage?
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Who measure of charge differential voltage?

Any one using a voltage test instrument can measure charge differential voltage.

What instrument in used to measure voltage?

Respected Sir, Please give me answer my question as so as possible, Name of different instrument in used to measure voltage?

What instrument measures voltage?

To measure voltage (potential difference), you can use a voltmeter or you can use the voltage function of a multimeter.

What is the use of a voltmeter as a laboratory tool?

A voltmeter is an instrument to measure the voltage in volts.

What instrument is use to measure voltage or potential difference?

To Measure Voltage or potential difference you can use volt meter, there are diferent methode to measure DC voltage and AC Voltage.use a AVO meter and you can choose Voltage in each voltage range on the selector.a Volt meter instrument you can find it by manual methode and digital .Dont forget to read manual book before you will measure the voltage.Comment'Potential difference' is exactly the same thing as 'voltage'; they are synonymous.

Why is a voltmeter designed to have a very high resistance?

Aim of any measuring instrument is to measure the object without affecting it. Voltmeter is used to measure voltage between two points and connected in parallel. Thus voltmeter should not change the voltage. If voltmeter resistance is very high, it will be as good as infinity compared to load. Thus connecting voltmeter will not change the voltage and measure it accurately.

What instrument use to measure electric current and voltage?

A multimeter. It also measures resistance.

Instrument that can measure resistance current and voltage?

A multimeter device can measure resistance, current, AC/DC voltage, and it also can determine continuity on an electrical circuit, and its range for current, voltage and resistance is widely variable.

What instruments used in measuring current and voltage?

Multi meterAnswerInstruments that measure current are called ammeters, and instruments that measure voltage are called voltmeters. An instrument that measures resistance is called an ohmmeter. Each of these functions can be combined into one instrument, called a multimeter.

What measuring instrument is used to measure potential difference?

A volt meter. Potential difference is the same as voltage.

What instrument measures electricty?

A multimeter can measure different things related to electricity, including current and voltage.

What is use by electronic multimeter?

A measuring instrument used to measure voltage,current,resistance values... As it is using for multiple purposes, the name multimeter is givem to that instrument....

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