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helping to fight Diabetes type 1 and 2.

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What part of the animal is used to make insulin?

The pancreas of the animal is used to make insulin.

What is the insulin used for fractional urine coverage?

Regular Insulin.

Technology used to produce more insulin?

Recombinant DNA technology is used to produce insulin. Insulin for human use is produced by inserting the human insulin gene into E. coli.

Why is pig insulin being used as a substitute of human insulin?

Insulin from pigs is cheaper and more readily available than insulin from humans.

Why use insulin pump?

An insulin pump can be used as an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin by insulin syringe.This method is known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy.

How was insulin made before scientists produced it with bacteria?

the bacterial insulin is just human like insulin that cause no allergic reaction but earlier the insulin used was animal insulin

What is a diabetic pump used for?

A diabetic pump, also known as an insulin pump, is used to regulate the amount of insulin used by a patient. It is an alternative to having multiple insulin injections a day.

What types of insulin are used to treat diabetes?

Purified human insulin is most commonly used, however, insulin from beef and pork sources also are available. Insulin may be given as an injection of a single dose of one type of insulin once a day. Different types of insulin can be mixed

Which medical problem might be helped by insulin?

Insulin is used to treat diabetes.

How is insulin that is used for insulin injections made?

The vast majority of insulin used to treat diabetes is actually not produced in a lab. It is harvested from pigs, which share a surprisingly large about of DNA with humans.Bacteria have a gene for producing human insulin added, and then they are grown and produce the insulin.

Does type 2 diabetes cause insulin deficiency or insulin resistance?

resistance, there is plenty of insulin but it isn't used properly.

What is insulin used for and why?

Insulin used to decrease glucose level of blood.It is important maintain ideal glucose level.

Was insulin first used in 1922?

On 11 January 1922 insulin was first used successfully in the treatment of diabetes

Does hyperkalemia get treated with insulin?

Insulin injections are used to treat hyperkalemia in emergency situations

What color tube is used for insulin?

for insulin test red top tube require.

Why insulin is used?

Insulin is usually made in your body automatically; diabetes is when your body does not make enough insulin. So some people with diabetes have to take insulin to control their blood sugar.

How are bacteria used to treat people with diabetes?

bacteria itself is not the treatment. we use the bacteria to produce insulin, we do so by inserting the gene into their plasmids and trigger them to produce the insulin. the insulin is extracted and used.

When is regular insulin used?

Regular insulin is used in emergency situations such as ketoacidosis where a rapid reduction in blood glucose level occurs. This is because regular insulin is fast-acting and can onset quickly.

List 2 recombinant proteins which are used in medical practice?

Insulin and Somatotrophin Insulin and Somatotrophin

What type of insulin may be used in an IV solution?

Any type of insulin; but usually actrapid.

Is insulin like regulation?

Insulin can be used to regulate a person with diabetes when there sugar levels are to high.

What organism is used to make human insulin?

pancreas which produces insulin which sorts out your sugar in your diet

What role does bacteria play in insulin production?

Bacteria, especially E. coli, can be used as vectors to produce human insulin. The insulin gene is inserted into a bacterium, which then produces insulin identical to what humans make.

What is the insulin used for DM1 patients?

Most insulin is now synthetic. Which type is used varies depending on the patient's needs. There are different forms of insulin which have varying onset times, as well as varying times of duration.

What drugs can be used to treat insulin resistance?

There are several different types of medications that can be used to treat patients with abnormal blood sugar or insulin levels: Biguanides. Biguanides are drugs that improve the body's sensitivity to insulin.

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