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To abstain.

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Q: What is it called when you are not casting a vote?
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What is casting of vote?

Casting a vote is when you choose a candidate and give them your vote in a poll/election.

What is it called when votes of individual voters?

The individual vote is called a ballot. When a person votes it is called casting a ballot.

Who can use casting vote in case of a tie?

The congress or the legislative body of the government can use casting vote in case of a tie.

What is election?

an act of casting vote

Does a chairman have a vote and a casting vote?

No the Chair or Head of a Commitee only has a casting vote otherwise it would effectively mean that the Chairman has two votes and therefore an undue influence on any outcome to be voted on. Committee members vote 4:3 and the Chairman votes 4:4 he will then have a casting vote to 4:5 not Democratic.

Can Queen Elizabeth II vote?

For general elections, there is no legal restriction to the monarch casting a vote.

Casting your vote in a private booth is an example of?

a secret ballot.

Individual casting electoral vote for president?

That person is an Elector.

Which outcome could be considered a costing of voting?

The outcome of casting a vote is going to the poll. Then standing there to vote.

What is importance of casting vote?

We have one of the greatest rights any free people can have : THE RIGHT TO should vote because your vote holds strong voice!!

The right to vote is refferred to as?

The right to vote is known as enfranchisement.Another definition: Suffrage is the right or privilege of casting a vote at a public election.

Whose vote can break a tied vote in the House of Commons?

The speaker does not normally vote in divisions. If there is a tied vote, the speaker has a casting vote. By convention, this is cast to support the status quo.

When everyone casts a vote it is said to be what?

the act of casting a vote is an election. Elections are used in democraciesUniversal suffrage.

Who cast the deciding vote in the senate?

There is no casting vote in the Senate. In the event of a tie, no question may be affirmed in the positive.

What are some factors that might prevent a person from casting a vote in an election?

what are some factors that might prevent a person from casting a voter in an elesction

In 1872 Susan B. Anthony?

was arrested for casting an illegal vote

Susan B. Anthony was put on trial for?

Casting an illegal vote. (:

Why was Susan B. Anthony put on trial for?

casting an illegal vote.

What is gaining the right to vote called?

having the right to vote is called active right to vote and not being able to vote is called suffrage.

When does the vice president of the US get to vote?

Aside from casting his personal vote in elections the same as everyone else, the Vice President of the United States casts a tie-breaking vote in the US Senate when a vote in that body results in a tie.

What is a negative vote in congress called?

It is called a Nay Vote

What is the history of centrifugal casting?

The history of centrifugal casting is that it has been used since time immemorial to create holes in the metal objects. It is called the spin casting.

Why it is important to vote in India?

Because if you don't vote somebody else will misuse your vote and eventually your vote will cast by followers of one of the candidates. Especially in India the identity checks at the booths are a bogus. At least you will have the satisfaction of casting your to a candidate that you thought was best of the worst!

Vote of the people is called?

"Popular" vote.

A paste is used in casting and moulding in dentistry?

there is a paste called siligum which is used by dentists in molding and casting of teeth