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Java is an object oriented programming language that is syntactically similar to C++. It runs on the Java virtual machine, which allows it to function as a cross platform language.

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Is Java a low level programming language?

No, Java is a high-level programming language.

What programming language are java applets written in?

Java applets are written in the Java programming language. Java is considered to be one of the oldest and most commonly used programming languages in the world.

Example of procedural programming language and object oriented programming language?

Is c programming language and java programming language are similar?

When people talk about java programming what java program do they mean?

"Java programming" refers to the act of creating programs - any programs - in the Java programming language. This is much like "C programming" refers to writing programs in the C programming language.

Is java a compiler or interpreter?

Java is a programming language.

Which type of language is java?

Java is truly object oriented programming language

Who developed programming language JAVA?

The programming language JAVA was developed by James Gosling and colleagues at Sun Micro Systems.

Why java is an extensible programming language?

java is an extensible programming language because of many programs that we have. that's why it is called extensible.

Does java belong to structured programming?

Java is Object Oriented Programming. Infact it is not a pure OO programming language.

How is java both a programming language and a platform?

Because Java is both the name of a programming language and the name of the program(s), also called platform, used to develop and/or run programs written in the "Java programming language".

Is java a database?

No, its a programming language.

Is java DBMS?

no, Java is not dbms.. Java is a programming language Dbms is database

What is the most common computer programming language?

The most common computer programming language is without doubt Java. Java was released in 1995.

What is jython?

Jython is a version of the Python programming language that is integrated with the Java programming language, allowing you to mix Java and Python code and run both on the Java Virtual Machine.

What are java apps?

Java apps are the applications developed using the Java programming language.

Is java example of a procedural programming language?

No.Its purely object oriented programming language

Why java is 100 percent programming language?

There are no 'partial' programming languages.

Is java a language?

Java is a computer programming language. Java is also the name of a Pacific island, and a slang word for coffee.

Is java a hardware platform?

No. It is a programming language

What is the difference between java and java script?

Java is a programming language and JavaScript is a scripting language. A scripting language is a lightweight programming language. They are both independent of each other, they just share a similar name and similar syntax.

Why are Java files important in programming?

Without Java files, we wouldn't be able to program in Java. And some of us find Java to be an important programming language.

Is java an assembly language?

No. Java is a high level language also known as object oriented programming

What is a java object?

A java object is a collection of methods and properties defined in the Java programming language.

Why java is the name of programming language?

java is the name of programing language because,the invented person is sun java that's why it could be named as java

In which software language java was developed?

The oriented programming language java was developed through a language that is initially called as Oak.

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