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Leap frog

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Q: What is jenny from woozworld favorite sport?
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What is jenny's favorite ice cream on woozworld?


What is jenny wooz's favourite sport?

Horseback Ridding Keep em words togetherAdd me my name is Fang- on WoozWorld

Who is jennywooz?

jenny wooz is a animator on woozworld

Where can get a jenny statue on woozworld?

From star of the week

What is the name of Jenny's woozpet dog in woozworld?

Jenny's Woopetz dog name:Imano

Where are jenny's eighth bunnies on Woozworld?

max office

What is jenny's account on woozworld? PASSWORD:popitlockit

What are all the answers to do you know me Jennywooz Woozworld?

Favorite Animal: Horse Favorite Icecream: Vanilla Favorite movie: Avatar Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day Favorite Book: Harry Potter Favorite game: Woozworld Favorite color: Green Favorite junk food: Fries Least favorite vegetable: Broccoli Favorite City: Montreal Favorite sport: Horseback Riding

What are the 10 collectibles in jenny's office on woozworld?

i want to know too

Who invented woozworld?

mya,max,jay and jenny wooz ivented

What is the code shared by two lovers in woozworld?

jenny + max 2gether 4ever

What is shared by two lovers?

LOVE in woozworld its max&jenny 2gether 4ever