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Q: What is kept constant in an experiment in order to prevent it from having a changing effect on the result?
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What is an experiment that involves changing one factor and observing its effect on another while keeping all other factors constant?

Controlled experiment. The thing you change is called the independent variable and the constants are the dependent variables. By only changing the independent variable, any results can be attributed to this.

A test of the effect of a single variable by changing it while keeping all other variables the same?

controlled experiment

Why must everything be constant in an experiment except what you are testing for?

Because otherwise you would not know what change caused the effect you noticed.

What is the correct term for this definition observing the effect of one thing while keeping all other things constant?

Controlled experiment

In an experiment to determine the effect of different temperatures on the rate at which bananas ripen, what is the manipulated variable and the responding variable?


What is the effect of changing length or mass of the pendulum on the value of g?

Changing the length of a pendulum or the mass of its bob has no effect on g; g is a constant, always equal to 9.8 meters per square second near the surface of Earth.

Tell me about spyware how can I prevent spyware getting on my cell phone?

18, 2013 - Mobile spyware can have a devastating effect on your life; the constant fear.

How electric current have magnetic effect?

The magnetic force acts only on moving electric charges; A constant electric current produces an unchanging magnetic field and a changing electric current produces a changing magnetic field.

Why does changing materials effect your results during an experiment?

Blowing up a balloon with a helium tank, then blowing up a different balloon with your mouth will make a difference in the outcome of your experiment. It'll most likely give you more sources of error.

What is The thing you change in an experiment?

The chemical composition and physical state of substances can change during an experiment.For example two reactants in solid or liquid form can react in an experiment to give a product in a gaseous form.

What is the definition of the experimental group?

The experimental group is use to compare with the control group, and viceversa. The experimental group is the group that we change the variable to experiment it's effects, as twcontrol group is the'original' experiment's results. Such a when we want to know the effect of changing a variable.

What research methods can show cause and effect?

An experiment Apex:)