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What is lesbian symbol?

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A common symbol for lesbians is the double Venus symbol, two overlapping Venus symbols representing woman loving woman. Another symbol is the upside-down black triangle, used to distinguish lesbians in the Holocaust.

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Is a dolphin a lesbian symbol?

No it is not. The lesbian symbol is a pink triangle, black triangle, and/or the rainbow flag.

Is a flip flop a lesbian symbol?

Nope, if any shoe were was categorized as a lesbian symbol it would most likely be Boots

Is a butterfly the symbol of traveling?

Its the lesbian symbol or it means you are promisqious

If you wear the female symbol your a lesbian is this true?


Does the word Venus have to do with lesbians?

Is the venus symbol not a symbol for women, one symbol overlapping another is lesbian

What is the lesbian symbol?

The symbol for woman is the same as for Venus (the planet) a circle with an equal armed cross centered below (top of the cross touching the bottom of the circle) The symbol for lesbian is two symbols for woman with the circles interconnected.

Is the Ankh sometimes called the Egyptian Cross a lesbian symbol?

No, it is not.

Is there a Lesbian symbol character?

upside down black triangle, or the Labrys.

What is a symbol representing sisterhood?

The usual symbol for sisterhood is two female glyphs intertwined. The same symbold means 'I am a lesbian'.

Is there a Lesbian symbol or insignia something akin to say the Cross of Lorraine Fleur de Lis you know portative insignia that identifies one as a lesbian?

No, it is not. The fleur de lis is a symbol of royalty and purity. Whoever just wrote that totally did not get your question. My apologies.........not knowing the cross of watchamacallits, I'm not entirely sure if this is the kind of symbol you are looking for, however. There is a sign that links two ♀ together by the loop, one slightly off center and above the other, that is a sign meaning lesbian. It is not widely known, however...........hope that helps. chinese symbol for lesbian?

What does the butterfly symbol mean to lesbians?

Butterflies are not specific to any sexual orientation. Someone that likes the butterfly symbol likes butterflies, not necessarily a lesbian.

Is double dolphins a lesbian symbol?

its a gay sex style look it up in urban dictionary

Is Tinker Bell a symbol for gay people?

She was in love with Peter Pan and that kinda rules out her being a lesbian. What about the sparklies?

Does it makes you not a lesbian?

If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

What is a lesbian kiss?

a lesbian and another lesbian kissing

How do you get to make out with a lesbian?

You usually have to be a lesbian to make out with a lesbian...unless you get a whorey lesbian..then you just get her drunk.

How do you get a girl to be a lesbian?

You can't get a girl to be a lesbian if she's not a lesbian.

What do the gender symbols mean?

They just mean male or female, though they came from symbols for ancient pagan deities. Venus was was the goddess of love, and from where we get terms like "venereal disease" (literally "a disease from making love"). Her symbol looks a bit like a hand mirror and is the female symbol. Mars was the Roman god of war. His symbol looks a lot like a shield and a dagger and is the male symbol. If you find a symbol with both a "mirror handle" or "cross" and a dagger, or you see a similar symbol with an arrow to the left with a cross on it, then that is the transgender symbol. If you find two Mars symbols superimposed together, then that symbolizes gay men or gay marriage. If you find two Venus symbols superimposed, that is a lesbian or lesbian marriage symbol.

Is Trina a lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian

What if your girlfriend is lesbian?

Then your a Lesbian?

What is the Russian word for 'lesbian'?

The Russians don't have a name for lesbian, but call it "

Is Patricia Charbonneau a lesbian?

No, she's not a lesbian. She only played a lesbian character.

What are you if you are a lesbian?


Is maryse lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian she has a boyfriend

What is lesbian on lesbian?

It is a girl on a girl