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license......a business permit issued by a city or county government. The term bonded or insured is basically the same thing. Bonded usually applies if someone handles money or other valuables.

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Q: What is licensed bonded and insured?
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What does it mean to be bonded licensed and insured?

'Bonded, licensed, and insured' is a phrase that small businesses use to let their customers and potential customers know that they have gone through all of the legal procedures to be able to perform their trade.

I want to work for myself How do you become licensed bonded and insured?

Fill out the paperwork and pay the fees.

How does one become bonded and insured as a babysitter?

The first important step is to get licensed. You must meet all the requirements for getting bonded. Then find a bond producer in order to get bonded.

How can you view GMAC's list of cars wanted for repossession?

Be hired by them as a licensed, bonded and insured recovery agency.

What qualifications should you ask for when having a bath and power shower installed?

You want a licensed, bonded, and insured plumber.

Are there companies that offer bulk paper shredding and are insured?

Yes, most paper shredding companies are insured. Before selecting a company for your paper shredding needs, make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. The ensures that you are dealing with a reputable company.

How do i sign up to mannhiems auction?

Become a registered car dealer in your state by filling out the state applications paying the fees getting licensed bonded and insured.

Are carpet intallers supposed to be bonded and insured?

Carpet installers are not required by law to be bonded and insured for all places, though for government buildings and a few others, it may be a requirement. However, it is much easier to find customers if you are bonded and insured.

How do you find out if a plumber is bonded and insured?

You ask him.

Do you need a business license to be bonded and insured?


If hired by attorneys to inspect property damage in insurance claim cases can the general contractor get the job to do the repairs?

Some companies require bids. If you are licensed, insured & bonded..go for it.

I am interested in starting my own handyman business. I know I need insurance, but do I need to be bonded as well?

It depends on what state you live in, the laws vary. In most states you have to be licensed, bonded and insured. The fines can be $10,000+ for being caught working without proper licensing.

Does a landscaper need to be bonded and or insured in the state of Oregon?


Is bonded and insured the same thing?

No. Bonding is a separate

Do demolition companies need to be insured or bonded?


What are the rules for conduct an investigation?

Licensed and insured undefined.

How do you determine if a handyman service is good?

Ask if they are insured and bonded

Where to go to confirm a company is licensed bonded and insured?

Licensing: check with the entity who issues licenses (probably your state) Insurance & bonding: Ask for a certificate, and call the companies listed and the agent to confirm.

How can I find licensed, insured plumbers locally in Tucson?

Your best bet when hiring a plumber is to rely on friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to recommend someone. Anybody with a good plumber is always happy to spread the word. Failing a reference, use the business pages (Yellow Pages/Yellow Book) to locate plumbers in your area. When contacting them, simply ask if they are licensed, bonded and insured.

What does 'Have you been bonded previously' mean on a job application?

When you are asked, 'Have you been bonded previously', on a job application, the employer is asking whether you have been insured. Being bonded means you were insured so if something is broken, lost, or stolen while you are working, it is covered.

Finding the Best Plumbing Repairman?

A homeowner or business owner who requires plumbing installations or plumbing repairs and servicing should only utilize the professional services of a licensed, insured and bonded plumber. By being licensed, it means he has the skill sets and expertise to handle most any kind of plumbing repair job. It also means he operates his business with integrity, honesty and by adhering to strong ethical principles whenever he undertakes a plumbing job. Being insured and bonded provides the homeowner or business owner with financial protection in case of an accident or injury or if any items are damaged or lost within the premises where the plumber is working. Plumbers making repairs who aren't licensed, bonded and insured run the risk of performing inferior workmanship and they have inadequate legal financial protection to offer the owners of a residential or commercial dwelling that's being repaired.

Can my husband convicted felon get insured and bonded so he can start his own business?

Insured yes. Bonded, well, that may be a problem with a felony on his record. FYI: Insurance is better than bonding anyway.

What is the cost to get licensed and bonded in Washington state?


Why do you need to be insured and bonded?

people might drive through your house.

Is there a permit in State of Wisconsin to become a bonded and insured tree trimmer?


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