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What is lotus?

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How do you say lotus in latin?

Lotus = lotus

What is rem song lotus about?

The song Lotus by R.E.M. is about eating the lotus.

How do you write lotus in sanskrit?


What is the black lotus about?

black lotus

What is the scottish Gaelic translation of the word lotus?

there are two lotus corniculatus or lotus pedunculatus

What does a pink lotus flower symbolize?

Car names that starts with e?

Europa - LotusElise - LotusExige - Lotus

What is the national flower of India?

Lotus is the national flower of India.Lotus.Lotus is the national flower of india

What is lotus besides a plant?

Its a name of a company Lotus Corporation who developed Lotus Domino and Notes. Lotus Corporation is now the subsidiary of IBM.

How fast does worlds fastest lotus car go?

depends on what type of lotus you are looking for the fastest lotus is the exige is the fastest lotus in the world

What color is lotus?

a lotus is pinkish in colour.

Is lotus edible?

Lotus seeds are edible.

What rhymes with notice?

lotus, lotus', Otis,

What is the plural of lotus?

The plural of lotus is lotuses.

What is faster the Ferrari or the lotus elise?


Where does Lotus live?

a lotus lives in a pond

Is a lotus faster than a bugatti?

a lotus is

Is lotus a bisexual flower?

is lotus bisexual

How do you spell lotus?

That is the correct spelling of "lotus."

Do the lotus eaters eat Odysseus?

No. The Lotus eaters only ate lotus plants and were peaceful.

What is the birth name of Lotus Long?

Lotus Long's birth name is Lotus Pearl Shibata.

Are the lotus flowers called lotus cakes in the Percy Jackson movie?

no there called lotus flowers

Is Lotus 123 still supported?

No lotus 123 is not supported now. We have now lotus notes.

Who created the Lotus 123?

The computer program Lotus 123 was created by Lotus Software in 1983. Lotus is now owned by IBM and is no longer made.

Where did the lotus eaters come from in The Odyssey?

The Lotus Eaters came from the island that was called the land of the Lotus Eaters.