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Metals and nonmetals form ionic compounds.

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Are non metals only made in computers?

Non metals exists in nature . They are not made in computers.

Is your body made up of mostly non metals or metals?

Our body is mainly made up of nonmetals

What are ionic compounds generally made of?

ionic compound generally contain metals and non metals the metals having positive charges the non metals having negative charges,

What periodic group is made up of only non metals?

Group 18 of the periodic table has only non metals. Additionally, the stable elements of group 17 are also non metals.

What are elements with metals and non metals?

Elements are pure substances made of atoms The elements are roughly divided into metals (which when they react give up electrons) and non metals (which when they react borrow electrons).

Why are non metals non ductile?

Non metals aren't ductile because non metals lack all properties of metals and metals are ductile.

How are atomic bonds made?

Atoms share electrons with each other to form bonds. Metals usually form ionic bonds with non metals to from salts. Non metals bond with other non metals to form covalent compounds.

Differentiate metals to non-metals?

There are a number of ways in which a metal can be differientiate a metal from a non-metals, these involve contrasting the properties between metals and non-metals and testing them to distinguish them from one another. Some contrasting properties between metals and non-metals: 1.) Metals conduct electricity whereas non-metals do not. 2.) Metals are shiny whereas non-metals are not. 3.) Metals are malleable whereas non-metals are brittle. 4.) Metals often have a higher boiling/melting point than non-metals. 4.) Metals are hard whereas non metals are not.

Is Aluminum Chloride ionic or molecular?

ionic cause its a compound made of metals and non metals

Difference between metals and non metals?

Metals are sonorous but non metals are not sonorous. Metals have a shiny appearance but non metals do not have shiny appearance.

What is the difference between metal and nonmetal?

A metal is a conductor of heat, and most non-metals aren't. Metals have a high melting and boiling point unlike non-metalsa non metal isnt made of metal

Why are bells not made up of non metals?

Metals have the property of producing a ringing sound when struck. Therefore, metals are sonorous and have the property of "Sonority". Non-metals however, are not sonorous and hence are not used in bells. :D

Are metalloids and metals and non-metals the same?

They are in between the metals and non metals

What are the 3 types of elements?

Metals, non-metals and transition metals.

Are most elements metals or non-metals?

The metals outnumber the non-metals by a good margin.

Are metalloids considered metals and non metals?

metalloids are neither metals nor non-metals......... they show properties intermediate between both metals and non-metals.

Is sheet metal ferrous or non ferrous?

Sheets can be made from ferrous metals but also from nonferrous metals.

Which are better metals or non metals?

My opinion would be metal. Since non metals are brittle and dull, I disagree with the non-metals.

Do metal combine well with non-metals?

Yes, metals can be combined with non-metals.

Which group of metals share the characteristics of metals and non metals?

The transition metals share the characteristics of both metals and non-metals.

Properties of metals and non-metals?

5 properties of non-metal

How many non metals?

there are 20 non-metals

Are there more non-metals or metals?

There are many more metals on the periodic table than non-metals.

Where are the most reactive non metals?

The most reactive non metals are Halogens which may combine most of the metals as well as non metals.

Are salt crystals metal or non metals?

no they are not made of metal x

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