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What is mainframes vision plus?



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VisionPlus is a Credit Card Processing Software owned by FDI who bought it from Paysys. It is generally denoted as V+. It manages all aspects of Credit Card right from the time an application is made, evaluated, account is created, transactions are authorized, raising disputes, sending statements, customer service and online payment processing. It is a modularized system consisting of several modules, called subsytems, with each of its subsystems performing specific functions as mentioned above. eg -

CDM to create New Accounts and evaluate credit card applications

CMS is the core V+ module. It is account receivable i.e. receiving transactions, processing fees, posting transactions to account, generating statements.

FAS - for online authorizations

CTA - Collections of pending payments

TRAMS - Transaction Management system ASM - Customer Service Module

SSC - Security Subsystem LTS - Letter subsytem to send various notifications, promotional letters to the customers. MBS - Merchant Banking System

LMS - Loyalty Management System for frequent shopper points DPU - Payment Utility to schedule credit card payments

New features and subsystems are constantly being added.