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What is meant by bearing fruits?

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The Bible says that we are known by the "fruit" that we bear. So the word fruit is used to reference your actions or works. If we say that we are Christians we should behave like it. The word Christian "means to be a follower of Christ or Christ-like". You can tell more about a person based on what they do, than what they say. A pair of lips will say anything,but your actions speak louder than any words. I had a tree in my back yard when I moved into my new house. I didn't know what kind it was so I asked my aunt she said it "looks" like a lemon tree, so I told people who asked me, "oh it's a lemon tree." However, when November came there were Oranges on it. You can try to personify to people what you want them to believe, but the "fruit" you bear will be the deciding factor. Tasha Grimes

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The rate of decent of different types of wind borne fruits?

Yeah, so of wind just bear fruits. Bearing fruits' simply reality

Is durian has flower?

Yes! because all fruits are Seed-bearing because Seed bearing is has Monocot or Dicot and has a flowers

What is meant by the term porifera?

pore bearing animal.

What are Long dry fruits produced by pod bearing plants?


Are olives vegetables?

Yes olives are fruits. Fruits are usually classified as such because they are usually the mature seed bearing part of a flower.

Which plant bears seeds but not fruits?

Any of the gymnosperms, the cone bearing plants.

Are watermelons vegetables or fruits?

They are fruit as they are a fleshy seed-bearing body that develops from a flower.

Examples of fruits?

Fruit is the ripened seed bearing part of a plant. Some examples of fruits include grapes, peaches, mangoes, oranges, and watermelon.

What is meant by the term 'bearing'?

With respect to navigation, a bearing is the direction from one's vessel or aircraft to an object or position. It can also be used as a reference point, such as a line to remain clear (or north or south) of.

What is meant by omnivorous diet?

A varied diet of meats, plants and fruits.

What is the form of dispersal experienced by legumes and other pod-bearing fruits called?

by Shattering of pods

What kind of food are there in the desert?

Most experts agree that the main edibles are in the fruits of the cacti and legumes. All cactus fruits are safe to eat. The legumes are the bean bearing plants.

Do toucans eat flowers?

No Toucans are meant to eat fruits and small animals such as lizards

What is the name of an ancient Chinese evergreen tree bearing clusters of orange-yellow fruits used in jams or chutneys?


Are fruits vegetables?

A vegetable is any edible part of a plant, and can include roots, tubers, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. A fruit is the part of a seed-bearing plant that contains the seeds. Foods like tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and so forth, are vegetables that are also fruits.

Food in the desert?

In the desert the main edibles are the fruits of cacti, most of which are safe to eat. You can also find legumes which are bean bearing plants.

Are potatoes fruits or vegatables?

i believe potatoes are vegetables. a fruit is defined as a seed bearing plant part so that puts potatoes out of the category.

How does the recording of earth's magnetic field in iron-bearing minerals help support the theory of seafloor spreading?

by eating lots of fruits and vegetables :D

What are trees such as oaks maples and all fruit bearing type of flowering plants?

These are called Angiosperms. Flowering plants having seeds inside fruits are angiosperms.

What is the role of bearing in the navy?

Bearing is a direction. The bearings are typically based upon the ship's navigational gyroscope, though if the gyros are not working, the magnetic compass can be used. The ship's course is given as a bearing that is to be steered. Contact information is based on a bearing from the ship. By tracking the bearing of a contact and the range, you can determine the contact's course and speed. Something that is at a 'Constant Bearing' is going to be very close, if not hit, the ship. "CBDR" was something you hated to hear, Constant Bearing Decreasing Range meant that you were going to have to work out course and speed and make recommendations to the Captain as to how to avoid based on Rules of the Road, etc.

Is rice similar to fruit?

nope, Rice is a grain grown in rice fields And has Carbs and vitamins are usually sprayed on rather than fruits who had natural vitamins but no Carbs. Update: I think that grains are dry fruits, and fruits certainly have carbs. The previous poster may have meant starches.

Are fruits flowers?

no, fruits are not flowers. flowers are meant to be pollenated and can have male parts (stamen), female parts (pistil) or both. fruits on the other hand, have been described as simply the "ovaries" of a plant. fruit do not need to be pollenated, their purpose is to be ingested and passed through an animal to germinate elsewhere.

How do you calculate back bearing of 300 degree?

With great difficulty because to get back where you started from you add 180 degrees clockwise and 300+180 = 480 degrees which is impossible but if you meant 30 degrees then the back bearing will be 30+180 = 210 degrees

What is bearing crush?

Interference between journal bearing to bearing housing is called bearing crush.

Is Pablano Pepper a Fruit of Vegetable?

Botanically, all peppers are fruits. They are the seed bearing part of the plant that is produced when the flowers are pollinated. However, in common cuisine they are considered vegetables.