Fruits and Vegetables

What is meant by bearing fruits?

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2007-06-29 22:00:16

The Bible says that we are known by the "fruit" that we bear. So

the word fruit is used to reference your actions or works. If we

say that we are Christians we should behave like it. The word

Christian "means to be a follower of Christ or Christ-like". You

can tell more about a person based on what they do, than what they

say. A pair of lips will say anything,but your actions speak louder

than any words. I had a tree in my back yard when I moved into my

new house. I didn't know what kind it was so I asked my aunt she

said it "looks" like a lemon tree, so I told people who asked me,

"oh it's a lemon tree." However, when November came there were

oranges on it. You can try to personify to people what you want

them to believe, but the "fruit" you bear will be the deciding

factor. Tasha Grimes

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