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..................... A person who uses your facilities

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Q: What is meant by customer and who your customers are?
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What is meant by customer and who is your customer?

what is meant by 'customer' and who your customers are

What is meant by business customer services?

Customer services is a department of many businesses, especially retail businesses. It is the department customers contact if they have questions about products.

What is meant by CRM call center?

CRM is an acronym for "customer relationship management". It is a model for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It can help direct customers to agents.

What is plural of customer?

The plural of customer is customers.

What is the plural form of your customer?

The plural of "your customer" is "your customers."

What is meant by customer service?

Customer Service is the ability of a company/organisation, to meet their customers' wants and needs, providing support and information with regards to the products and services offered by that business company/organisation.

How do you handle customer care?

Customer care is where you provide positive customer experience to your company customers as well as looking after your company customers needs

What is meant by customers and who are customers?

the customers are the people who use the serives or goods

What is the definition of indirect customer and direct customer?

indirect customers

What is the possessive noun for customers?

The possessive singular noun for customer is customer's, e.g. "Can you please take care of that customer's request?" The possessive plural noun for customers is customers' , e.g. "Someone needs to tend to those customers' needs as quickly as possible."

What is the difference between customer service and customer expectations?

Customer Service can be a department, but can also refer to your experience dealing with customers. Customer expectations is what your customers expect from you and how you deliver on those items.

Why a customer always a customer?

I believe that the phrase is, "Once a customer, always a customer." It refers to a business that pleases their customers enough to keep them coming back. In business, repeat customers are a must. Some businesses treat their customers so well that the customers feel a loyalty to the business and would go no where else.

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