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A recursive system is one in which the output is dependent on one or more of its past outputs while a non recursive system is one in which the output is independent of any past outputs.e.g feedforward system having no feedback is a non recursive system.

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Q: What is meant by recursive and non-recursive systems?
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Which data structure would you most likely see in a nonrecursive implementation of a recursive algorithm?

Probably, you would see a stack.A recursive algorithm works by calling itself, each time with different data. So, to simulate that without actual recursion, you would need to track the changing data on some kind of stack. This would allow the data to be processed in a last-in-first-out order, which is how recursion works.

Can you call predefined function recursively?

Guess you meant: can a recursive function call predefined functions? Answer: sure, why not.

What is recursive association?

a recursive association - as a aggregation is a special form of association, so recursive aggregation can be called as recursive association ... AKASH SISODIYA ......IT ...

How can you differentiate between recursive and non recursive functions?

See if the fuction calls itself, if yes, it's recursive otherwise it's not a recursive function.

What does the word recursive mean?

Something that is recursive is something that repeats.

Are all recursive programs non recursive?

None of them is, obviously.

What is the definition of recursive?

The term recursive refers to the recurrence or repetition.

What is set difference between recursive and recursively enumerable but not recursive?

All recursive Languages are recursively enumerable. But not all the recursively enumerable languages are recursive. It is just like NP complete.

Is 4 9 19 39 79 159 recursive?

no it is not recursive

What is meant by harmonic in electronic systems?


What does recursive mean?

Recursive refers to using a rule or procedure that can be applied repeatedly.

What is a recursive relationship?

a function that recalls itself again and again is called recursive relationship.

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