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Media blogging is using a video or picture to recite or recall previous events in your life,instead of sharing it through text that you want to share with everybody to view.

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Is Twitter a blogging site?

Hi,My name is Robert Davis. I live in the United States of America. Actually, Twitter is not a Blogging site. Twitter is a Social Media site. This social media site is a popular site in the world. WordPress is a Blogging site.

Which type of Social Media platform is the most like Old Media?


The popularity of blogging is an example of?

the public producing the media

Which form of media is also a public forum?

internet blogging

What are the social media blogs that you know that accept guest blogging?

I am not so sure, but you can check it on It has the largest database of blogs that accept guest blogging.

Is a media arts degree a valuable tool for a blogger?

You could, but there is not much money out there for people with a media arts degree. If you are really good at blogging you can make a good living, but most do not.

What id blogging?

blogging with id

Why is blogging one of the greatest benefits in social media society?

Blogging one of the greatest benefits in social media society because it allows the user to express their own opinion, in their own voice. It is often updated regularly and has a very specific following that allows the reader and the authors to develop better and more meaningful connections.

What is the difference between fashion journalism and fashion media?

fashion journalism is like blogging and WRITING about fashion. however fashion media is like store commercials, fashionshows and things like that hope this helps

What does the term 'blogging' mean?

blog is defined as "Weblog" so blogging is seen as creating weblogs.

Who is credited for the invention of social media?

André Gray is credited with inventing social media in the digital age. He invented the Electronic Press Kit, or EPK for short, on January 8th, 1995 which contains all the components that comprise today's social media--except blogging.

Can you be fired for blogging?

If you are blogging while on the clock at your job, yes.

What kind of marketing channel function can be performed over the internet?

You can use social media, article marketing, blogging, video marketing, and many more.

What is micro-blogging?

Micro-blogging is a way to share information with the world but in a more snippet type of data unit. While blogging is mostly long posts which require thinking about and editing, micro-blogging is writing short snippets of thoughts, recommendations and such. As of now Twitter is one the most popular services for micro-blogging.

What is picture blogging?

Picture blogging or photo blogging is the publishing of photos in a blog format with the focus being on the photos rather than text.

Are blogs better than social media sites such as facebook?

Blogging sites also comes under the head of social networking websites. It is very difficult to rate blogging websites over Facebook, because both have their own importance. The importance priority is usually set by the users.

When did blogging start?

From an online diary, blogging evolved in the late 90's.

What is pinoy blogging?

It is blogging is Pinoy Style. Which also means how Filipino do blogs.

What explains the recent growth in blogging?

Blogging now is used for business that is why it is no wonder that the growth of blogging is increasing.

Does blogging have any effects on bloggers?

Blogging can be a good writing exercise or a give a cathartic feeling to bloggers. Some people become obsessed with blogging and it takes over their daily lives. Others end up blogging for a living.

What is the definision of blogging?

Blogging is expressing oneself through online write ups. Blogging could also be used as a tool of marketing and giving information to your customers

Is blogging illegal?

Blogging itself is not illegal. But in some countries things that you blog about might be.

Will blogs die?

Blogging still remains to be the most dominant platform for individualized media. Various by-products evolved through the years such as video blogs, photo blogs, etc. but it still has its roots with the basic idea of "blogging." Until a new cultural and technological phenomenon comes, blogs will stay mainstream.

Is tweeting the same as blogging?

Tweeting is considered micro-blogging since it only allows 140 characters at a time while regular blogging has no limits for length of post.

Is a WordPress blogging site?

yes it is, it is the top blogging platform. With its comprehensive list of themes and plugins, wordpress has been the most used blogging site by most bloggers.