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What is mic switch?

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It could be an abbreviation for many things, but probably indicates "micro" switch. A micro switch is any of a category of smaller switch assemblies.

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Why wont it let you talk to people in halo 3?

Because you don't have a mic or you have the mic turned off. If you have an XBOX 360 there is a wire on your mic that connects to your controller. There should be a switch and if it's red or orange it's off. If you switch it the other way it's on. ---------- There is also the possibility that your family settings are not allowing you to speak over Xbox Live. If your account if registered as under 18, the adult will need to go into family settings and change communications to allow and such.

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You blow into the mic and the mic is the little hole on the front of the DS.

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Does the dell latitude D600 come with a built in microphone?

Yes, It is located near the power button, the small hole that you see next to the left of the power button and above the CAPS LOCK indicator is the in-built mic. The laptop will automatically switch between the internal mic and any external mic whenever you connect one. The user can't control it.

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What does Mic stand for in Fiber Optics mic?


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No External Mic Input

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It automatically detect the mic.If its not working then there might be no mic in the laptop.If there is then there is some problem and you can install mic drivers for that.You can either buy a new mic.

Does dell inspiron 5150 have built in mic?

it has the worst mic ever coz mic is located besides the microphones; moreover it is not sensitive

Does The Beatles Rock Band game come with mic or do you buy the mic separately?

My sister got RB for her bday, and the mic came with.

Does the ipod touch 4 earphones include a built-in mic?

the ipod it self have a mic, so no need to have a mic on the earphones

Which has got better clarity cordless mic or corded mic?


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Separate plugs for Mic and audio.?

Separate plugs for Mic and audio.

It lets you know that the mic is powered.?

It lets you know that the mic is powered.