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Mill scale is formed on the outer surfaces of plates, sheets or profiles when they are being produced by rolling red hot iron or steel billets in rolling or steel mills. Mill scale is composed of iron oxides mostly ferric and is bluish black in color. It is usually less than a millimetre thick and initially adheres to the steel surface and protects it from atmospheric corrosion provided no break occurs in this coating. Because it is electro-chemically cathodic to steel, any break in the mill scale coating will cause accelerated corrosion of steel exposed at the break. Mill scale is thus a boon for a while until its coating breaks due to handling of the steel product or due to any other mechanical cause. It is a nuisance when the steel is to be processed. Any paint applied over it is wasted since it will come off with the scale as moisture laden air get under it. Thus mill scale has to be removed from steel surfaces by flame heating, acid pickling or grit/sand blasting. All tedious operations wasteful of energy. This is why shipbuilders used to leave steel delivered freshly rolled from mills out in the open to allow it to 'weather' till most of the scale fell off due to atmospheric action. Now a days most steels mills can supply their produce with mill scale removed and steel coated with shop primers over which welding can be done safely.
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What are scales?

scales are 3 things . 1. Measurement Item . 2. Little Shiny things on an animal . 3.It is like a coat of armor for a fish

What are spinning mills?

A spinning mill was a common workplace during the AmericanIndustrial Revolution that proccesses fiber (wool, cotton, flax,etc.) into yarn by the use of mechanized spinning machines. thesemachines replaced the traditional spinning wheel due to itsproductivity, being able to spin multiple yarns at onc ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between mill scale iron ore fines?

mill scale fines are generated during hot rolling of cast ingot and it can be removed by pickling operation. iron ore fines are naturally available on iron ore and genetared during loading and grinding

What are puppy mills?

Puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. Often the puppies are sold directly to the public via the Internet, newspaper ads, or at the mill itself. In other cases they are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country. For the unwitting consumer, this s ( Full Answer )

What is a mill?

"Mill" alone as a noun, is a generic term for a range of a plant orfactory dedicated to a specific process such grain-milling toproduce flour, cotton-weaving, timber-sawing, etc. -- with theproduct's name added as an adjunct (flour mill, sugar mill, cottonmill, steel mill, sawmill). May also be des ( Full Answer )

What are the industrial uses of mill scale apart from cement production?

mill scale is used in making flux for welding electrode coating . mill scale is used for making iron oxide used in thermit welding by heating and converting in rotary kiln. mill scale is used as iron source in ferro alloy production yogendra Dhingra E.Mail: yogee46@gmail.com

What is Scale?

scale factor or what Musical Theory A scale is a succession of eight notes in a particular order. Scale can be written either going up (ascending) or going down (descending) on the staff or stave. A scale uses seven different letter names, since the first and last note is he same. For Exam ( Full Answer )

What is a scale?

The weighing scale is a device for measuring the weight of anobject. These scales are also used in science to obtain the mass ofan object, weight of an object. It is also the musical scale; do,re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. A scale refers to an instrument that is used in finding the weightof objects. ( Full Answer )

Why are there puppy mills?

There are puppy mills because people want to get rich in profit. There are puppy mills because gutless laws and governments that don't protect the defenseless group of our society, animals. It is our fault, all of us for doing nothing about it.

What is a textile mill?

It is a factory that makes material. real answeris:This came straight out of my American History book. In 1789 Samuel Slater came to America from England.

What are the applications of mill scale?

Mill scale by itself is not useful in the steel industry and isoften discarded or recycled. Visual artists use it because itproduces apparently random patterns.

How is mill scale packaged for export shipments?

mill scale is usually shipped without any packing, in bulk if the shipment is done in a chartered vessel. however, it is also being loaded directly into containers for shipment. If the customer insists, it can be packed in 1.2 MT Jumbo bags and then stuffed into the container for shipment.

What are wind mills?

they are giant fans that spin when wind turns the blade and then it turns the tubine to create electricty.

What is a stamp mill?

A stamp mill is a mill for crushing ore. The stamp mill pounds,rather than grinds. Cornish mills, developed in Cornwall, were usedto crush small lumps of ore into sand like material.

Who is Billy Mills?

At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Billy Mills was the second Native American to win an Olympic gold medal. His birth name was William Mervin Mills.

What is milled corn?

It is of two types wet milling and dry milling. Wet milling involves separating the corn kernel into its component parts (germ, fiber, protein, and starch) prior to fermentation

What is a mill wright?

Millwright is an old term for a tradesman who builds and installsall the working machinery within a gristmill. In the era beforeiron and steel all machinery was made of wood. Gears, axles andpulleys were skillfully hand made.

What is tide mills?

A gristmill, sawmill, or other factory with a waterwheel powered by tide water. Located within a bay or inlet along a coastal area of an ocean. A very unreliable mode of power, with tides running in cycles of about 12 hours. A waterwheel could be used only after the tide receded after hightide until ( Full Answer )

What has scales?

Several different types of animals of scales. The different typesof animals that have scales are all reptiles, with some examplesbeing crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and lizards.

What does a scale do?

\nA scale weighs an object\nOR\nIf you mean a scale that can be found on fish, scales can protect and animal.

What are Lowell Mills?

The Lowell mills, textile mills in the village, employed farm girls who lived in company-owned boardinghouses.

What is a grist mill?

A mill where grain is ground into flour or animal feed. Modern technology is "roller mills" where grain is ground between steel rollers. Older technology would be using millstones, actual flat slabs of quartz or granite one rotating on top of the other with an opening "eye" in the middle where the g ( Full Answer )

What did the textile mill do?

The make all kinds of cloth and clothing. (For the longest time I had no idea what they were too haha)

What is Styal Mill?

It's a preserved and still opertional (but only for the public) silk weaving mill. It has a visitor centre and a shop, as well as a fully functioning beam engine.

What is a mill worker?

Well a mill worker is a worker who works in a mill. To be more specfic it can be a child or an adult and they make cotton. The dangers of working in mills are very high because some jobs areto go under the machine(whilst they are still running) and get the loose cotton. Many children lost body parts ( Full Answer )

What does cnc mill do?

A CNC mill has a table that moves by Computer Numerical Control(CNC), to drill or mill parts that are very accurate andrepeatable. On a CNC mill the material is clamped and the tools are rotatedinto or against the material to cut into it. Apart from the first clause, the second sentence describesmil ( Full Answer )

What does the cotton mill do?

The cotton mill turns raw cotton into yarn or thread by cleaning the raw material, processing it and spinning it.

What is a scaling?

It is making an expresion in math easier to understand and use. Example: 3.5/8 multiply both /numerator and denominator/ by 2 and you will get a new equivalent fraction 7/16.

What is a mill bomb?

The Mills bomb was adopted by the British Army as its standard hand grenade in 1915. It had a central spring-loaded firing-pin and and spring-loaded lever locked by a pin.

Who is marquis mills?

Marquis Mills is a multi-faceted manufacturer specializing in institutional hospitality & healthcare products ranging from textiles, amenities, electronics, & disposables. Marquis' manufacturing facilities are currently located in China, Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam, & India and has several US distribu ( Full Answer )

WHere is the mill on Poptropica?

If u r talking about Astro knights the mill is right at the end so keep going right in astro knight then u will see a mill there. lolz AMARPREET RULEZ

How is mill scale formed?

mill scale of formed by oxygen reacting with the iron in ferrous metals, much like rust however this proces is sped up by heat

What is a polygon mill?

A polygon mill is used in machining to generate a shape on a turned part. The mill cutter has a specific number of straight teeth. The cutter and the workpiece are counter-rotated and synchronized such that a non-round shape is generated on the workpiece. A hex-head or square-head bolt could be prod ( Full Answer )

What is a mill tower?

A windmill is a machine which uses the wind energy for a purpose such as grinding grain, pumping water as well as generating electricity. A lot of the best known Greek islands such as Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Tinos etc has windmills

Who is Jeff Mills?

Jeff Mills is a legendary Techno Dj and producer who startedplaying at a Detroit radio station and later became one of thefounders of techno. Later he formed Underground Resistance and thenwent on to form the Axis Record Label. He was first known as TheWizard.

Why was a mill called a horizontal mill?

When refering to gristmills or flour mills horizontal refers to the position of the main axle or the waterwheel. A vertical waterwheel with water flowing over the top (overshot) would have a horizontal axle. Some primitive waterwheels and more modern turbines have the waterwheel or "runner" laying h ( Full Answer )

Deux mille or deux milles?

'deux mille' - Only 'vingt' and 'cent' have a plural form, and this is only when they are used in the sense of 'scores' and 'hundreds'.

Why does hot rolled steel have mill scale?

Hot roll steel has a oxidised mil scale on the surface of the steel as it forms in the upper heat ranges from mixing with oxygen at a steel mill. Upon slow cooling, scale oxides will form a scale mainly of a type of iron oxide(s) usually of 3 distinct layers. This mil scale has a ability to be somew ( Full Answer )

How do you get the scale?

If Our Star Were the size of a Basketball, Sirius A (Main Sequence) Would be a size of A Teddy Bear.

What is a Raymond mill?

Raymond Mill is suitable for producing minerals powder, which is widely used in the metallurgy, building materials, chemical, and mining industry. It can be used for grinding barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talc, marble, ceramic, glass and some other material that Moh hardness degree is below 7, ( Full Answer )

What do sugarcane mills do?

Mills in this category process cane into crystals of raw sugar that can be transported in bulk

What is a closed mill?

In theory, the closed mill perfectly balances all the "inputs and outputs" to the pulping and papermaking process so that the mill reuses, recycles, or cleans all waste materials

Where is Mill Hill?

mill hill keeps floating on an island. it now stands near the vagina rain forest and diarea hill

Who is Sean Mills?

Sean Mills is an assistant history professor at the University of Toronto. He has published several works on Canadian history. His work has won awards such as the Quebec Writers' Federation book award, the Eugene Forsey Prize, the John Bullen Prize, and the Governor General's Gold Medal at Queen's U ( Full Answer )

How do you use a mill?

A mill is for grinding things. A coffee mill grinds coffee beans so that you can brew coffee from them. A spice mill grinds spices. A grain mill grinds wheat or other grains into flour.

What are water mills?

A watermill is a structure that uses a water wheel or turbine to drive a mechanical process. There are two basic types, vertical wheel or horizontal wheel.

What does the city mill do?

Historically the city mill was a wind, water or animal powered grinding machine that would pulverize solid material into smaller pieces. For example farmers could bring wheat to be turned into flower or corn into maize.

What is a mill as in coins?

A mill is 1/10 of a cent. "cent" comes from the Latin for a hundredth part of something, in this case a dollar, and "mill" comes from the Latin for one thousandth part. There is no coin for a mill.

Who is Henry Mills?

Henry Mills is the son of Emma Swan and Baelfire/Neal Cassidy . He is the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming (Emma'sparents) and Rumplestitskin (Neal's father) He is also the adopted son/great step grandson to Regina Mills (TheEvil Queen)