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a chicken cooked in a Mongolian style of cooking

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Q: What is mongolian chicken?
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How many calories are in Mongolian chicken?

There are about 290 calories in a serving of Mongolian chicken.

Who invented Mongolian chicken?

The Mongalians

What is a mongolian chicken called?

A mongolian Chicken is a very common type of chicken throughout the World. The name of this facinating animal is the Angolious Chickinatus(Chickipoo for short form). This animal does not lay eggs,it pukes them up. You can tell if it is a Mongolian Chicken if you see it throw up. It is orange, deadly chicken. It is said that it's puke can burn through a 4 foot pound of steel. So if you see this creature, keep your distance!!!From,Dr.Mainguy

What race of people eat the most chicken?

The ancient descendents of the Mongolian tribes.

What type of food is served at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant?

Stir fried food is served at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant. They cook a variety of meat and vegetables on a large griddle usually beef, pork, chicken, lamb or shrimp are used.

Is Mongolian beef really Mongolian?

No, Mongolian beef is not really Mongolian. It may be called that to make it sound more exotic and appealing.

Where can one find Mongolian music?

One can find Mongolian music by finding a Mongolian music channel on Youtube. One can also consider finding a Mongolian friend and asking about Mongolian music.

What is a mongolian hut called?

mongolian yurt

Where you can apply Mongolia visa in Dubai?

Unortunately there is no Mongolian embassy in UAE and there is no longer a visa upon arrival service at the Mongolain borders or airports. Therefore the only way to get a Mongolian visa would be by post or by attending an Embassy in one of the following locations:AustriaMongolian Embassy in Vienna, AustriaBelgiumMongolian Embassy in Brussels, BelgiumBulgariaMongolian Embassy in Sophia, BulgariaCanadaMongolian Embassy in Ottawa, CanadaChinaMongolian Embassy in Beijing, ChinaCubaMongolian Embassy in Havana, CubaCzech RepublicMongolian Embassy in Prague, Czech RepublicEgyptMongolian Embassy in Cairo, EgyptFranceMongolian Embassy in Paris, FranceGermanyMongolian Embassy in Berlin, GermanyHungaryMongolian Embassy in Budapest, HungaryIndiaMongolian Embassy in New Delhi, IndiaJapanMongolian Embassy in Tokyo, JapanKazakhstanMongolian Embassy in Almaty, KazakhstanPolandMongolian Embassy in Warsaw, PolandRussiaMongolian Embassy in Moscow, RussiaSouth KoreaMongolian Embassy in Seoul, South KoreaThailandMongolian Embassy in Bangkok, ThailandTurkeyMongolian Embassy in Ankara, TurkeyUnited KingdomMongolian Embassy in London, United KingdomUnited StatesMongolian Embassy in Washington D.C., United StatesVietnamMongolian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

What is Mongolian money called?

Mongolian money is called "Tugrik".

When did Mongolian dollar end?

Mongolian dollar ended in 1925.

When was Mongolian dollar created?

Mongolian dollar was created in 1921.

When was Mongolian Hamster created?

Mongolian Hamster was created in 1925.

Have they ever think about mongolian girls?

What do you thinking about mongolian girls

How do you say dick in Mongolian?

Dick means for mongolian Boov

When was Mongolian tรถgrรถg created?

Mongolian tögrög was created in 1925.

When was Mongolian gerbil created?

Mongolian gerbil was created in 1867.

When was Mongolian Airlines created?

Mongolian Airlines was created in 2011.

Was Kublai Khan Mongolian or Chinese?

He was a Mongolian and the son of Genghis Khan.

What is the duration of A Mongolian Tale?

The duration of A Mongolian Tale is 1.72 hours.

What has the author Walther Heissig written?

Walther Heissig has written: 'Motiv und Wirklichkeit' -- subject(s): Folk literature, Folk literature, Mongolian, History and criticism, Mongolian Folk literature, Themes, motives 'Mongolische Handschriften, Blockdrucke, Landkarten' -- subject(s): Block books, Mongolian, Catalogs, Manuscript Maps, Manuscripts, Mongolian, Maps, Manuscript, Mongolian Block books, Mongolian Manuscripts 'Die Zeit des letzten mongolischen Grosskhans Ligdan (1604-1634)' -- subject(s): Mongols, Kings and rulers, Biography, History 'Die Mongolen' -- subject(s): Art, Art, Mongolian, Exhibitions, History, Mongolian Art, Mongols '\\' -- subject(s): Epic poetry, Mongolian, Folk poetry, Mongolian, Folk songs, Mongolian, History and criticism, Mongolian Epic poetry, Mongolian Folk poetry, Mongolian Folk songs, Siliyang (Epic cycle), Texts 'Mongoleireise zur spaeten Goethezeit' -- subject(s): Description and travel

Circular mongolian tent?

A circular Mongolian tent is also known as a 'yurt'.

Where does a mongolian Wild horse live?

The answer is in the name, Mongolian horses live in Mongolia.

Where do Mongolian beavers live?

Mongolian beavers live in Mongolia Wungulu river

When was MIAT Mongolian Airlines created?

MIAT Mongolian Airlines was created in 1956.