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$10,000 X 14% (interest) : $1,400 p.a. X 5 yrs: $7,000 over the 5yr (60 months) period. The monthly interest payment will be $116.67

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What is monthly interest payment on a 10000 loan for 5 years at 12 percent interest?

The monthly interest is 100.

What is monthly interest payment on a 10000 loan for 5 years at 9.5 percent interest?


What is monthly interest payment on a 12000 loan for 5 years at 9.5 percent interest?


What is monthly interest on 10000 at 5 percent over 3 years?

An average of 321.56

What is a business loan calculator?

A Business-Loan Calculator calculates terms for fixed-rate loans Which you can find by searching and you need This information to use the loan calculator: Loan amount Interest rate Term years Additional monthly payment Monthly payment Total interest Average monthly Interest Number of years

What is monthly payment on 12000 loan at 5 percent interest over 5 years?


What is the monthly payment on a loan of 20000 for 5 years at 5 percent interest?

5 percent

What would be the monthly payment on a 90000 mortgage at a rate of 7.5 percent interest for 30 years?


What would a monthly payment be on a purchase of a 10000 car at 5.9 for 4 years?

$234.39 assuming zero down and you pass a credit check.

156000 was borrowed for a home at 4.8 percent for 30 years 360 payments the monthly payment was 790.43 how much of the first payment is interest?

Interest for first month will be 1560 x 0.4 = 624;

949 at 12.25 percent for 3.5 years?

Monthly Payment: $27.90Total Paid on Loan: $1,171.70Total Paid in Interest:$ 222.70

how much the enterest rate today and how much the monthly payment of 400,000 and five years fix?

The payment depends on how much you put down and how much they charge for insurance. interest is 5+

What is monthly interest payment on a 50000 loan for 7 years at 9 percent?

The answer depends on how frequently the interest is calculated. If it is calculated only at the start, then 1088.12.If it is calculated annually on the outstanding balance, then 827.88If it is calculated monthly on the outstanding balance, then 795.58

How does the down payment affect a mortgage?

A down payment will reduce the principal borrowed which lowers your monthly payments. A large down payment may also help lower your interest rate and may help you avoid paying PMI. If, for example you were buying a $200,000, at 5% for 30 years, the payment would be $1073.64 per month. If you put 10% down, or $20,000, your monthly payment would be $966.28 and you would save about $20,000 in interest.

What will the monthly mortgage payment be on a $115,00 home mortgage in Volusia County, Florida at 3.5% interest for 30 years?

You can figure out the mortgage payment by using a mortgage calculator tool to breakdown the monthly payments over time. I would input the details to get the final figures.

Where can I find a monthly payment calculator for a mortgage?

Mortgage payment calculators are available on the web. Calculating the period of the mortgage in years against interest it will describe the term and total of repayments. It will also calculate overpayments

What would be the monthly payment on 90000 mortgage at raate of 75 percent interest for 30 years?

At 75% interest and no other variables, the payment would be $5,625.00 per month. <><><> However, if you meant 7.5% (a more realistic interest rate) principal and interest would amount to 629.29 oer month. Add to that taxes and insurance.

What is the monthly interest payment on 10000 dollar loan for 3 years at 5 percent interest per month?

Assuming that the loan principal is paid off in equal installments AND the monthly payment is to be kept the same, the average simple interest paid per month for the loan may be computed as follows: $10,000 principal balance at time 0 months $0 principal balance at time 36 months ($10,000 + $0) / 2 = $5,000 average balance $5,000 is average balance throughout the period of the loan $5,000 x 5% per month = approximately $250 per month. However, the amount of REAL interest is different throughout the life of the loan.

Your payment is MONTHLY_GRAND_TOTAL for TERM years with a rate of INTEREST_RATE.?

Your payment is MONTHLY_GRAND_TOTAL for TERM years with a rate of INTEREST_RATE.**GRAPH**Mortgage Summary Loan amountLOAN_AMOUNT TermTERM years Interest rateINTEREST_RATE Annual home insuranceYEARLY_HOME_INSURANCE Annual property taxesYEARLY_PROPERTY_TAXES Monthly paymentMONTHLY_PI Monthly payment (PITI)*MONTHLY_PITI Total principal and interest paymentsTOTAL_OF_PAYMENTS Total interestINTEREST_PAID*Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance Prepayment ResultsPrincipal prepayments on your mortgage can save you a great deal of interest. They can also shorten the time it takes to pay off your mortgage, in many cases, by several years. PREPAY_MESSAGEPrepayment Summary AmountPREPAY_AMOUNT PREPAY_TYPE Start with paymentPREPAY_STARTS_WITH  Total paymentsPREPAY_TOTAL_OF_PAYMENTS  Total interestPREPAY_INTEREST_PAID  Interest savingsPREPAY_INTEREST_SAVINGS Payment schedule **REPEATING GROUP**

Will paying extra on mortgage principal lower monthly payment?

Generally no. If you pay extra on the principal you will pay off the loan earlier, but your monthly payment will stay the same. If you want to lower the payment, you will need to refinance. But paying extra will help you payoff your loan faster and can save significantly on the interest paid. For example, a 300,000 loan at 5% for 30 years, paying just $200 extra per month reduces the number of monthly payments by 78, or 6.50 years, and reduces the interest and total paid by $69,210.39. A significant savings to you.

What is the average mortgage payment on 130000?

I don't think there is a such a thing as an average mortgage payment on any given dollar amount. The principal and interest payment depends on several factors besides the loan amount, primarily the interest rate and loan term(length of the loan). To keep it simple, a 130,000 mortgage at 4.5% for 30 years would be $658.69 for your principal and interest payment. If you could afford to do a 15 year loan, at the same interest rate, the monthly payment would be $994.49 and you would save nearly $60,000 in interest. If you change the interest rate, the payment could change significantly also.

What is the monthly payment of a Hyundai Sonata 2012?

There is not enough information to answer the question. At least the following is necessary to calculate monthly payments.The negotiated purchase price of the car.Taxes applicable to the purchaseAmount of down payment and total amount of the loanThe interest rate of the loanThe number of months or years of the loan

What is monthly payment on 330k mortgage?

That would depend on the interest rate and the length of the loan. Your payment for a 330,000 loan at 4.5% for 30 years would be $1672.06. If the mortgage was only for 15 years your payment would be $2524.48. If you took the same loan amount for 30 years at 5% your payment would be $1771.51. So it is hard to say what your payment would be without the additional information, but this should give you an idea of how much your payment would be for that amount.

Is it smart to pay off a car with a credit card that has lower interest rate?

In most car loans, a fixed rate and monthly payment will apply. You may have a credit card with a lower rate but if you make only the minimum monthly payment, you will most likely be in debt longer so the lower rate won't help you. It also depends on if your credit card interest is calculated on a daily average balance or compounded. Make extra payments to your car loan to pay less interest. [A average creditcard balance of $11,000.00 at 19.99% with a $100.00 monthly payment can keep you in debt for 29 years].

What is rosylns monthly payment Roslyn has decided to purchase a 14000 car. She plans on putting 2000 down toward the purchase and financing the rest at a 6 interest rate for 4 years?

The answer will depend on whether the interest is calculated on the monthly balance or annual balance. On an annual basis, it will be approx 290.