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the cabin.

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Q: What is name of passenger section of cruise ship?
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What is a cruise ship passenger?

A cruise ship passenger.

Who is a cruise ship passenger?

A cruise ship passenger is someone who is on a cruise ship during a cruise.

What is cruise ship passengers?

A cruise ship passenger.

What is another name for a large boat apart from cruise ship?

Another name for a large (boat) ship apart from a cruise ship would be passenger ship and above that would be ocean liner. An ocean liner and a cruise ship are two different types of passenger ships.

What is a large passenger ship called. Is it cruise or express?

A liner is a large passenger ship.

Who is a cruise ship visitor?

A passenger disembarking from a cruise ship to see the sites of a particular port.

How do I contact a passenger on a caribbean cruise?

You can contact a passenger on a Caribbean cruise by talking to the customer service office in a cruise ship. They can talk through the intercom to locate your friend.

What is the difference between a passenger ship and cruise ship?

A passenger ship is a ship that brings people from one port to another with sleeping facilities. A cruise ship is more like a resort with swimming pool, organized fun activities, dancing, parties, and even tours ashore.

Sentence of absence?

The absence of a passenger put the cruise ship on high alert.

Where is the collision bulk head located on a passenger ship and a cargo ship?

in the bow section

What is donkey's name who works on the carnival cruise ship the conquest?

His name is Christopher, like the cruise director on the same ship.

When was the Carnival Pride ship launched?

Carnival Pride was launched in 2002. This Cruise Ship boasts a 2,124 passenger capacity, and is Carnival Cruise Lines second ship in their Spirit Class.

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