Boston Tea Party

What is name of the president that's cousin organized the Boston Tea Party?


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The Boston tea party was not an organized event. It just happened.

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the Boston tea party was before we even had a president and independence.

it was not liberty... it was the unicorn bergade

He organized revolts such as the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party occured while the United States was still ruled by Great Britain, so there was no U.S. president serving at the time.

Abigail Adams. She was married to John Adams, who was the cousin of Sam Adams, who created the Sons of Liberty and organized the Boston Tea Party. John Admas was the second President of the United States and their son, John Quincy Adams, was the sixth President of the United States! Hoped this helped! :) Get your info from a good website, kay?

Well I am related to him but that is not important he first off was a president and at one point George Washington's assistant or what not and his cousin Sam Adams was in the Boston tea party he is also related to Marilyn Monroe so that's kinda cool

It depends on the President. Sometimes, such as the case of Jefferson and Jackson, the party was organized with the president running it. Sometimes, such as in the case of Grant and Eisenhower, the party needed a candidate and offered the nomination to a likely winner. Such presidents do little for party organization, except inspire it .

It was ib December 16, 1773/ Sam Adams organized it. &&&&&& they have peanuts(::

The Sons of Liberty. They were originally started by many people, including Samuel Adams.

Sam Adams is most well known for organizing the Boston Tea Party and for his signing of the Decoration of Independence. During the Revolutionary War Sam Adams organized the Boston Tea Party to protest the unnecessary taxes on items of sale like tea. He is also the Second President of the United States Of America.

Jay Charles is the Boston Tea Party nominee for president this year!

The first Democratic Party was organized around Andrew Jackson. After he lost the election of 1824 despite leading in popular votes and electoral votes, his supporters built a cohesive national party to make him President in 1828. This party nominated and elected presidents until 1860 when it split up over slavery. After the Civil War, the party revived as the opposition to the Republicans. There was no one person who organized it and no one leader that led it and was not until 1884 that they managed to elect a President although they almost won in 1876.

well it took place in the Boston tea party and Alexander Hamilton was at the Boston tea party,so did are 1st presidentvnsdsvgbugahthanbgfyuabendydand that's how it ended

The Boston Tea Party happened in Boston on the Boston Harbor in 1773

They boycotted taxed British goods, the Sons of Liberty organized the Boston Tea Party, they organized the Continental Army, and they declared their independence.

ya that's why they call it ''Boston'' tea party

The 'Whig' party was organized against Andrew Fackson

The Boston Tea Party was located in Boston, Massachussets of course!

In Boston there was a Boston massacre and the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party was at the Boston Port.

I don't understand this question, but the Sons of liberty did organize the Boston Tea Party. I hope that is what you are asking.

The leader of the Democratic Party is the party chairman of the Democratic National Committee in general, but when the President of the United States is a Democrat the political authority moves to the President. Typically the President has great influence on who is selected Chairman. But remember Will Roger's famous line: "I don't belong to any organized, political party; I'm a Democrat."

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