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What is narcotic reading which is one of the kinds of reading?


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This is done by a person who wants to get rid of his everyday troubles, depressions, frustrations, problems, through reading magazines, stories, novels, essays and others. Seemingly, he considers the reading materials as having narcotic effect like a drug or opium that dulls the senses and makes one unconscious or unaware of realities in life.


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here's the 10 kinds of reading: The skimming, scanning, extensive, intensive,analytic, exploratory, developmental, critical, narcotic and idea reading. ----------you include definition and examples of each. thank you! improve at now. I'm waiting

Narcotic reading is a type of reading that is used to dull, ignore, or 'deal with' terrible happenings in real life. It involves reading as a sort of 'narcotic' to try to make the pain of everyday life go away.

The ten basic types of reading are as follows: skimming, scanning, extensive, intensive, analytic, expiatory, developmental, critical, idea, and narcotic. Most of the answers as to why people read can be found in the basic types of reading.

The kinds of reading are Scanning, Skimming, Recreational Reading, and Critical Reading.

The ten different types of reading are skimming, extensive, scanning, intensive, exploratory, analytic, narcotic, developmental, idea, and critical. Skim reading is similar to speed reading, in which the text is read quickly. Extensive reading is the way languages are learned; it improves one's vocabulary. Scanning is when the reader is looking for a particular idea or piece of information. Intensive reading is when a reader reads about something in great detail in order to complete certain tasks. Exploratory reading is similar to both skimming and analytic or close reading, it is similar to reading for pleasure. Analytic reading is reading a text to be able to analyze it afterward. Narcotic reading is reading to relieve oneself of troubles, such as would happen if ingesting a narcotic drug. Developmental reading is the process by which a child learns to read. Idea reading is reading to get the main idea of a text.

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When a person uses reading to block out their problems and life around them, this is called narcotic reading. Instead of facing the world, some people lose themselves in fantasy worlds or just read so much they have no time to think about their problems or pursue other interests.

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this is done by a person who wants to get of his everyday troubles,depressions,frustrations,problems.

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15% to the mormal rate of any kind of narcotic tses plus one - 4 and then multiple 8

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