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Q: What is nine letter word meaning sets of shelves?
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What is a word that mean sets of shelves?


What is another word for sets of shelves?

A book case?

What is a Symbol meaning the union of two or more sets?

The capital letter U

What is another way to say sets of shelves?

Cupboard, bookshelf, dresser, or desk.

What is meaning of equivalent sets?

Equivalent sets are sets with exactly the same number of elements.

What each letter of the word attitude mean?

In a word, each letter doesn't mean anything special. It's the combination of letters that forms the word and sets the meaning. In language it's only in abbreviations that letters have a meaning outside themselves.

What is the meaning of equivalent set?

Equivalent sets are sets with exactly the same number of elements.

How many sets of bases are used during a mlb game?


How many copies of the Power Nine were made?

I recall reading somewhere that there were 1100 sets of Alpha and 4000 sets of Beta printed. I am unsure of how many Unlimited Sets are printed, but you would be able to source one set of the power nine from each Alpha, Beta and Unlimited set.

What are some everyday situations where you use multiples of 12?

So there I was, stocking the egg shelves at the grocery, a dozen at a time. I loaded twelve sets of twelve. That was gross...

What does an apostrophe mean after a letter when talking about sets?

sets' would mean plural possessive.

How much the number of haploid sets in a hexaploid cell?

six sets of haploid...3 diploid set in a hexaploid