What is node to node delivery?

Node to node delivery is a general networking reference and is often contrasted with end-to-end delivery. The terms apply equally well to delivering mail and sending data over over the Internet.

It helps to have a specific example illustrating the meaning of "network" within the context of the reference to node-to-node, but the general idea is pretty universal.

A network is normally made of of connections between many points. Any connection between two of those points without an intervening point is a node-to-node connection. If you are driving a delivery truck, the path between to stops is the node-to-node path and what comes from one stop to the next is a node-to-node delivery. Networks usually have nodes where things enter the network or leave it. If a delivery is to go from and entering point to a leaving point, it is an end-to-end delivery and may involve many or few intermediate node-to-node transportation transfers.

Needless to say, there are may variations of nodes and connections and communication strategies in the various networks, so there is this vocabulary that is useful that is general for many types of networks.