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What is normative organization?

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an organization people join to pursue goals they considerer worthwhile

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What is an example of a normative organization?

health care organization

Normative survey method in edcational research?

what is normative survey method what is normative survey method

What is a utilitarian organization?

Amitai Etzioni (1975) identified three types of formal organizations: Utilitarian, normative and coercive organizations.Utilitarian Organization pays people for their efforts. Anyone who works for income belongs to this organization. Becoming part of utilitarian organization-a business, government agency, or school system, for example- is usually a matter of individual choice (Voluntary).Normative Organization- people join normative organizations not for income but to pursue some goal they think is morally worthwhile. Sometimes called voluntaryassociations, these include community service groups, political parties and religious organizations. In the U.S and in other high income countries are the most likely to join voluntary associations.Coercive Organization- have involuntarymemberships. people are forced to join these organizations as a form of punishment (prisons or mental institutions). They isolate the inmates or patients for a period of time in order to change their attitudes and behaviorIt is possible for a single formal organization to fall under these three categories from the point of view of different individuals: For example, a mental hospital serves as a coercive organization for a patient, a utilitarian organization for a psychiatrist, and a normative for a hospital volunteer.

The difference between Positive and normative economics?

its both Positive and Normative.

What is the difference between normative and non-normative ethics?


What are the advantages of normative theories?

Normative theory provides the collection of financial information.

What is a normative stage of educational planning?

Educational planning consists of the normative, strategic and operational stages. The normative stage is the one in which policies are developed and formed.

Is Us government shoud institute higher tariffs on imports positive or normative?


Are dictionaries normative?

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Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction in the 1980 is it positive or normative economics?


Define normative evaluation?

The word normative has its origins in French and Latin. A normative evaluation is one which is concerned with identifying prescriptions for action or modification. Normative evaluations are opposed to descriptive evaluations which merely observe and document/communicate a person/place/thing. Therefore, a normative evalution prescribes what ought to be, while a descriptive evaluation describes what is. This is how the two terms figure in the is/ought distinction.

What is the antonym of empirical?


What is the normative theory?

what ought to be

What is a sentence contrasting positive and normative economic analysis?

write a sentence contrasting positive and normative economic analysis

Which are examples of normative goals?

help me

What is a normative claim?

A normative claim declares something as morally just or injust, right or wrong. For example, "No one should do drugs."

What is normative development?

It is important to know the meaning of phrases and words. Normative development refers to the normal development according to a set of standards in humans. .

The legal environment sets the normative standards of ethical behavior a true statement?

The legal environment sets the normative standards of ethical behavior

What is the difference between positive and normative statements as in economics?

A normative statement reflects someone's opinion, a positive statement is a rejected or supported fact.

What does normative gross margin mean?

be a gay

Why does the distinction between positive and normative statement matter for economics?

A positive normative is one which can be examined by referring to facts i.e 80% of your microeconomics class is made up of females. while a normative statement cannot be tested by examining facts it is an opinion or value judgement.

What is the difference between a normative and a positive statement?

A positive statement describes how the economy really works, while a normative statement describes how the economy should work.

The inflation rate is too high is this a normative statement?

Yes it is. A normative statement is one in which a person says something is factual based on their opinion. It is purely subjective.

Why is ethics a normative science?

The study of ethics is a normative science. There is no absolute right or wrong. The ethical standards change from business to business and from one generation to the next.

What is an example of a normative statement?

The normative refers to abstract principles that guide action, indicating what should and should not be done in particular circumstances and why. by:rhona jane tejero