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What is on the face of a quarter?


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Well, if you mean what picture is inscribed on a quarter, then I will tell you. There used to be an eagle, but now the 50 US states have quarters with their state logo thing on it.


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George Washington's face is on the quarter and the dollar bill.

US quarter or Cdn quarter?

A US quarter has a face value of 25 cents.

First Quarter and Last Quarter.

George Washington is on the front. The only face on this quarter that isn't on all the others is the cow on the reverse.

A 1967 Washington quarter has no silver and is face value.

The coin is face value.

In the United States, the 25 cent coin is better known as the quarter. The face of President George Washington is on the front of the quarter.

The 1967 Washington quarter has no silver and is still in circulation, the coin is face value.

Quarters have Washingtonon them. Jefferson is on the nickel, both face the left.

The 1978 Washington quarter is still in circulation today and is only face value.

George Washington. Period.

Goerge Wasshington, and it's quarter.

Any state quarter you find in circulation is only worth face value, 25 cents.

George Washington has been on the face of the US quarter since 1932. Prior to that the quarter had a standing liberty, a seated liberty and a capped and draped bust.

The face of the coin features George Washington.

The coins are face value and have no silver.

The V was added after it was made not by the mint

They both face different derections. i don't know much else.

On the front of the quarter is George Washington's face. On the back is an eagle (there is no person depicted for the reverse side).

The 1978 Washington quarter contains no silver and is still in circulation today. The coin is only face value.

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