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cheese!!! Yes, cheese is correct but my dad owned a Pizza place called Royal Pizza. From personal experience I can say that almost anything food wise can go on a pizza. The two most common things that go on pizza is the sauce and cheese. Without these two toppings the pizza is pretty much not a pizza. After you have the two main toppings get creative and put anything (that you can eat) you want on there. My personal favorite pizza is Hawaiian. Hawaiian pizza consists of pizza topping such as pizza sauce, cheese, sliced pineapple, and Canadian bacon.

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How do you make a pizza cone?

you put bread on the top of the pizza and you put the ace on the top cheese

What type of pizza is best?

Who makes the best Pizza?

Is the top of Pizza Hut a acute or obtuse angle?

is the top if pizza hut in acute or obtuse angle

What does pizza contain?

carbohydrates, in the dough but it depends on what you put on top of the pizza :)

How many line segments does the top of a pizza box have?

4!If u think about it a pizza box has 4 top sides.

How do you know when pizza is cooked?

the top of the pizza will start to bubble, and it will turn golden brown. =]

What is the world's top favorite food?

Pizza hut cheese pizza with a diet coke

What is the most obvious way to make cheese pizza out of pepperoni pizza?

The most obvious way to make cheese pizza out of pepperoni pizza would be by removing the pepperoni's from on top of the pizza. Voila! Cheese pizza.

Which are the top pizza shops in Belmont, Victoria?

The Pizza Hot Spot is the Top Pizza Shop at Belmont in Victoria, Australia. The Pizza Hot Spot is the best, delicious, and quality pizza delivery shop in Belmont Victoria. They specialize in cooking pizza, pasta, fries, and wings, etc. I love their crunchy and gooey experience. I love their cheese crust and paneer pizza. They have a great atmosphere and in-door seating arrangement. You can make the orders from the website or download the app to make the orders.

What are the top ten pizza chains worldwide?

Pizza HutDominosPapa JohnsLittle CaesarsNoble Roman's PizzaCasey's Carry-Out PizzaPapa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza:Sbarro's Italian EateryGodfather's PizzaCici's Pizza

What is the top selling frozen food in America?


Will they ever do a crossover between Top Gear UK and Top Gear US?

I like pizza.

What are the ingredients in Italy's Pizza Margherita?

A margherita pizza traditionally is very simple with the ingredients being only tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella, on top of the pizza dough.

What are the top three foods in Italy?

Lasagna. Pasta. Pizza

What is a simple and interesting meal?

Top Ramen, Burrito Pizza

How many pizza toppings are in the world?

Since you could conceivably top a pizza with anything you wanted, there would be an endless amount.

What are the top five pizza delivery restaurants in the US?

Pizza HutDomino'sPapa John'sLittle CaesarsHungry Howie's

What are italy's top five agricultural products? 3.nothing 4.nothing 5.pasta and pizza

What are the top ten Pizza Huts in the nation?

No. Five is in Wahoo NE.

What are the top five foods most eaten in Luxembourg?

coffee pizza

What is China's favorite pizza topping?

catfish with ramen on top =D

What is on top of david letterman's Christmas tree?

statue of liberty with a pizza

Can you put cottage cheese on top of your pizza?

yes, you can, it tastes great

Is the top of Pizza Hut an obtuse angle or an acute angle?


If you have a square pizza and you cut a quarter of the pizza how do you cut the remaining pizza into four identical slices?

♥you cut it from top to bottom then side to side and youll have four equall sites.♥