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Q: What is one natural resource that can be easily eroded and may take hundreds of years to form?
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Which natural resource can take hundreds of years to form and can be easily eroded?


What does soil conversation protect?

soil conversation will help protect this important natural resource and protect Soil being eroded from the Earth's surface.

What is difference between soil and rock?

The rock is a natural resource on land. Soil is comprised of rocks which had been eroded due to uneven heating or cooling.

Is soil a renewable resource or non-renewable?

Difficult question to answer. While the mineral elements of soil, eroded rock, is difficult to renew quickly, it is possible. However, the process is slow and not easy to replace. The organic components of fertile soil are another matter. Consider those who compost garbage. This is a natural process that is used to renew soil. So, the long and short of it is, soil is a renewable resource, but not easily done.

Sea __ are natural arch eroded out of a __ by water?


What kind of soil is not easily eroded by water?


How is Uluru being eroded?

Uluru is eroded due to factors such as wind, water and other natural things.

Is Uluru being eroded?

Yes. Uluru, formerly Ayers Rock, is being eroded, but only minimally, and not to any degree that is easily noticed within our own lifetimes. Natural landforms, of which Uluru is one, are all subject to weathering and erosion from wind and rain.

What natural resource do diamonds come from?

Hey, did you know that there are two types of diamond deposits? One type is found in "pipes" of volcanic rock, also known as "kimberlite," that are brought to the surface by magma. The other type, called alluvial deposits, are formed when natural diamonds are eroded from their original source, typically a kimberlite deposit. Cool, huh?

Is shale resistant to erosion?

No, all sedimentary rocks can be eroded and shale is characterised by very fine laminations. Hence the shale breaks easily along these planes of weakness and is therefore easily eroded.

What kind of soil can be eroded easily?

each kind be identified by the size of its particles,by its texture and by tests together as strongly as clay and ar mor easily eroded by water and wind than clay.

How is soil eroded?

In the plains, soil erosion occurs in farmlands after a crop is harvested. The soil then lies bare and can be easily eroded by water and wind.