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It is probably a bug bite, but you will need to see a dermatologist to confirm.

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Q: What is one small red dot on your leg that itches and will not go away?
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What is the plural of itch?

The plural of itch is itches. As in "my leg itches".

What is one small red dot on leg that has been there for years and has gotten slightly bigger?

I wouldn't worry about it. I have the same thing. When I was little, I had a small red dot under my eye. It got a little bit bigger, but after about a year, it just went away

What does mean when your left leg itches?

If your left leg itches it may just mean there is a skin irritation on the leg. There are old wives' tales that may make it out to mean something more however.

What does it mean when your right leg itches?

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What does it mean when your soft tissue itches inside of your leg?

I have no idea what this is but i have to beat on my thigh to help my leg stop itching on the inside. have you ever heard of this??

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Family Feud: Head Back Nose Feet Hand Arms Legs Eyes Under my leg

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I got bit by a spider fitting this description, and hurt very bad. Very small, black spider with two very small dots on its back(side by side), but I don't know what kind it is..left a pretty good welt, and red dot on my leg.

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