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pathophysiology of breast cancer?

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Q: What is pathophysiology of breast cancer?
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What is the pathophysiology of colon cancer?


What has the author William R Miller written?

William R. Miller has written: 'Estrogen and breast cancer' -- subject(s): Estrogen, Estrogens, Breast Neoplasms, Breast, Physiology, Etiology, Cancer, Physiological effect, Risk factors, Adverse effects, Pathology, Pathophysiology

Diagram of the pathophysiology of stomach cancer?

A diagram of the pathophysiology of stomach cancer should include a picture of the stomach with a small rounded particle representing the cancer. The whole digestive system could also be included in this diagram.

Is breast cancer related to gallbladder cancer?

if there is gallbladder cancer, it can matastasis to breast causes breast cancer.

What is the breast cancer looks likes?

Check related links for the pictures of breast cancer cell, mammogram of breast with breast cancer, and a picture of a breast with breast cancer symptoms.

Can you get breast cancer by squeezing your breast?

No you can not get breast cancer by simply squeezing your breast.

Is breast abscess breast cancer?

cab breast abccess turn into breast cancer?

Does breast suking can avoid breast cancer?

Breast sucking will not avoid breast cancer.

Is it possible to get breast cancer if you have a hickie in your breast?

Yes it is possible to get breast cancer if you have a hickie on your breast. Hickies do not prevent breast cancer. However, hickies also do not cause breast cancer. The presence of the hickie is irrelevant to you having or not having breast cancer.

Does Angelina Jolie have breast cancer?

No, Angelina Jolie never had breast cancer. She has the gene for breast cancer. She removed her breasts to stop any cancer from forming.Angelina Jolie does not have breast cancer. She does carry the gene for breast cancer. She had a preventive mastectomy.No, Angelina Jolie has never had breast cancer. She was tested and told that she carried the breast cancer gene. She has a preventive mastectomy.Angelina Jolie does not or did not have breast cancer. She had breast surgery just as a precaution because of her mother having breast cancer.

Is breast cancer noninfectious?

no breast cancer is not infectious

Is breast cancer a diesease?

Breast cancer is a disease.

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