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Approximately 63 to 65%. There is some variation as imports and crude production are not reported at the same time. The Department of Energy has an excellent website with weekly import values and monthly production values. The latest import value is 9.2 million barrels per day, and the latest production value is 5.3 million barrels, so 63% is imported. The longer term average of imports is around 10 million barrels per day, so using this figure, I calculate 65%. So slightly less than two-thirds of our oil is imported. See related links. It is also very important to observe the historical trends as provided on the related links.

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Q: What is percentage of oil imported into the US?
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What percentage of goods from the US imported from china?

40% of goods are imported from China to US

What percentage of oil is brought in from outside countries to supply United States demand oil?

In the 1970's the US imported 25% of the oil used and produced 75%. Today it is reverse. Now 75-80% is imported and the balance is produced in the US.

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Why does the US imports oil?

In the 1970's 85% of the oil used in the US was produced here and 25% was imported. Today it has been reversed. There are many grades to oil and some of the oil imported is a crude oil from the Middle East . Part of the reasons for imported oil are profits for the oil companies, trade agreements, and GNP.

How many barrels of oil are imported in the us every day?

About 9,783,000 barrels of crude oil are imported into the United States every day.

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How many barrels of oil did the US import in 1996?

In 1996, the US imported about 2,747,839,000 barrels of crude oil.

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What percent of Ireland's oil is imported?

Ireland has no oil of its own, so all of its oil is imported.

If the US government does not allow oil to be imported from other countries what will happen if demand in the US stays the same?

The price of oil will increase as the supply decreases.

One of the causes of the growing US trade deficit was?

the rise in cost of imported oil